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Free Fire VS PUBG Mobile : What are the major difference

Free Fire VS PUBG Mobile are two of the most popular Battle Royal games in the esports industry and both provide a great and immersive gaming experience. Isn’t it!

Free Fire VS PUBG Mobile  What are the major difference

Both of these titles share the same basic part of the Battle Royale gameplay. However, some major differences distinguish these two titles, I mean game from each other.

This article lists five major differences between these two mega-popular games in the world.

Five major differences between Free Fire VS PUBG Mobile.

1. Gameplay Style


Difference between Free Fire VS PUBG Mobile

Although both games share the same concept of the last person to survive, they have a different approach to the game. Free Fire has 50 players landing on an island, while PUBG Mobile has 100 players.

Both games also have different gameplay durations. The former holds a match for approximately 12–15 minutes, while the latter requires at least 30 minutes for the match to end.

2. Graphics


Both these games have a different approach towards graphics optimization. PUBG Mobile is more realistic with wide textures, high contrast frames, and 60-90FPS frame rate support.

Free Fire allows a 60FPS support with an arcade-style approach with colorful frames.

3. Game Modes


What are the difference of Free Fire VS PUBG Mobile

Another major difference between these two games is the availability of game modes. PUBG Mobile has better and more gameplay modes available (payload 2.0, power armor mode, etc.), while Free Fire has fewer and limited gameplay modes (Rampage 2.0, Clash Squad).

4. Arsenal

Both games offer a wide range of firearms for their players. Although both have some common weapons, the most different (shotgun, SMG, AR).

All firearms on both Free Fire and PUBG Mobile have very different weapon statistics and efficacy on the battleground.

5. Characters


PUBG Mobile and Free Fire Major difference

Characters are an integral part of Free Fire, and with almost every major update, Free Fire introduces a new character. Currently, Free Fire consists of 37 characters, and almost all of them have some special and unique abilities that help players on the battleground.

PUBG Mobile does not have any character options or multiple characters. The game only provides a single avatar of the player with special properties, although the avatar’s appearance can be changed whenever the player wishes to.

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