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Garena Free Fire Hack – Developers Creates a New Anti-Hack method to Terminate Flying Hack

Garena Free Fire Hack: Games such as Free Fire and PUBG Mobile have emerged as leaders in the Battle Royal style. Mobile-based gaming has proved to be a tremendous success in the last year and a half. This has paved the way for new developers to enter the scene and experiment with new titles.

Garena Free Fire Hack - Developers Creates a New Anti-Hack method to Terminate Flying Hack

Developers of the above games often update their games to add more functionality and make them appropriate for players.

Free Fire has achieved much success, becoming one of the most downloaded games on Google Play and the Apple App Store in 2020.

Parallel to its success, Free Fire has faced considerable challenges when dealing with cheaters/hackers.

These cheaters/hackers use third-party software to gain an unfair advantage in the game, making the environment ineffective and annoying for legitimate players.

To counter this trend, Garena has installed an anti-cheat software that bans all types of third-party cheating software and their use.

The developer has also relied on reports banning the use of fraudulent accounts.

Free Fire is constantly updating its anti-cheat software

Also publishing bi-weekly reports detailing the number of accounts banned for cheating and engaging with hack.

Recently, in a Facebook post, Garena revealed that they had created a new anti-hack system to terminate flying hacks. This hack is widely affecting the gaming experience of legal players.

Garena Free Fire taking action on combat flying hack


Flying Hack allows players to float in the air and create height differences which causes an unfair advantage.

The developers reported that they first encountered cheating in the mid-2020s after being confronted by several players in the game.

They said that since then, they were taking several actions to strengthen their anti-cheating system.

After continuously fighting the hack’s creator for six months, the developers successfully created a detection method for the flying hack.

They also claim that the hack function was already terminated after the launch of the new client patch. Developers also emphasized that after implementing the new strategy, the number of in-game fly hacks dropped significantly.

The developers of Free Fire assured about the continued updation of their anti-hack system to create and maintain their player base a proper gaming environment.

They also praised the player’s efforts and the report of hackers in the game.

Devlopers claimed that fighting with hackers was a continuing mission for them, with the goal of improving Garena Free Fire for players by working with them.

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