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Garena Free Fire Season 34 Elite Pass End Date Declared

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 34: With each new Elite Pass season, new sets of unique items, prizes & events are added by Garena Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire Season 34 Elite Pass End Date Declared

Elite Pass is a tier-rank scheme in which gamers can earn various prizes. Every month, Garena launches a new Elite Pass for free fire players.

March Elite Pass is in the middle, Elite Pass season 34 will end with the months, and fans are already excited for the new season’s elite pass.

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Free Fire Elite Pass Season 34 End Date


Elite Pass Season 34 was launched on March 1st. The subject of the current pass is Willful Wonders.

Elite pass season usually lasts one month. Since the current one started at the beginning of the month, it will likely conclude on 31 March.

Free Fire gamers are already looking forward to the upcoming Elite Pass season 35. As season 34 concludes, players will be able to receive season 35 elite passes on 1st April.

In the upcoming Elite Pass Season 35, two variants price will be as usual. Gamers can purchase the Elite Pass for 499 diamonds and the elite bundle for 999 diamonds.


How to Pre-Order Season 35 Elite Pass


Gamers can follow these steps said below to pre-order Season 35 Elite Pass:

1. Players need to open Free Fire Game & click on the Elite Pass’ icon in the lobby.

2. Next, they have to tap on the ‘Pre-order’ button at the bottom of the screen.

3. Users can then tap on option “999 diamond” to pre-order the pass for season 35.


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