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Google pixel smartphones, a new feature of video recording.

Google Pixel smartphones, which run on Android, are updated from time to time so that users can get many features. The new feature that has been released this time is for the personal safety app of these smartphones.

Google pixel smartphones, a new feature of video recording.

If you activate the built-in Emergency SOS of this app, then this feature will automatically record videos in an emergency. Let’s know more about it.

New Emergency Feature of Google Pixel Smartphones


A special update has been released for the personal safety app of all Google Pixel smartphones. After this update, if you activate your phone’s Emergency SOS, then your phone will automatically record videos in case of any problem.

How will this feature work


If you press your phone’s power button five times, your phone will call emergency services, notify your own emergency contacts that you are in trouble, and immediately see what is happening in front of you, near or with you. Yes, will start making his video too.

This app will record videos continuously for about 45 minutes, whose size will be around 10MB per minute. If you want to stop this video recording in the middle, you can do that too.

If your phone has an internet connection, then this recorded video will be backed up to the cloud. This video will be backed up to your Google Account and Personal Safety app and you can also send it to your emergency contacts if you want.

To use this feature on your Pixel series smartphone, visit the Google Play Store and update the Personal Safety app to the latest version. Keep in mind that you also need to activate Emergency SOS to use this feature.

Let us tell you that this feature is very good but at the moment it is available only for Google Pixel smartphones. Non-Google phones will not be able to take advantage of this feature

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