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How to add Category Widget in Blogger? Step by Step Guide

The category is very useful in boosting or increasing the traffic of your blog. If your blog has a list of categories, then your visitors will be able to find the correct post they need. If you have not yet added the category list on your blog, then it is a bad thing for you.

How to add Category Widget in Blogger Step by Step Guide

In this post “How to add Category Widget in Blogger Blog? Step by Step Guide”, I should be telling you how to add category widgets to your blog because we have a lot of benefit from it.

Why to add Category widget in your Blog?

Creating category for your blog is very important because, it helps your readers to find out the correct post by having the category.

And if they find out the right post which they want, they will surely read your post, in a way to leading more traffic to your blog, increasing more sales, conversion, followers, subscribers, etc.

How to add category widget in your blogger blog?


Let us now know how to add a category widget to your blog.

To add a category widget to a blog, all you have to do is follow my given step by step guide:

Step 1:

  • First go to Blogger.com and login.
  • Now click on layout.
  • Then where you want to add a category widget, click on the Add widget.
  • Now a popup window will open and click on the Link List.

How do we add category widget?

Step 2:

Now a new popup window will open.

  1. Type the categories here.
  2. Leave this box empty.
  3. Here you have to set whether your categories are according to abc or are automatic.
  4. Leave this box empty.
  5. Add the URL of your blog’s tag or label here.
  6. Here you can add as many category URLs as you want.
  7. Type the URL and click on the add link.
  8. You have to add which category as you have done.
  9. After making full settings, click on save.

How to make blogger category widget?

Step 4:

Now in this way, the option of categories will come in your blog.

How to add category widget in blogger?

Now the category widget has been successfully added to your blog. If you have any problem in adding it, do tell it in the comment section.

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If you have any other questions related to your blog, then you can tell us in the comment section, we will be happy to assist you.

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