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How to Add Links in Author Bio Box in Blogger? Step By Step

Today in this post “How to Add Links in Author Bio Box in Blogger? Step By Step”, I am going to tell you how to add links to the author bio box which is at the bottom of all the posts of a blog.

How to Add Links in Author Bio Box in Blogger Step By Step

Many readers of our blog want to know about us, after reading the post on our website, so in that case, you add a link to about us form inside the author bio box so that your readers can easily reach you by directly clicking on the link.

You can also add your social profiles link like profile link of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and lots more.

It is very easy to add a link to the author’s description bio box, you just have to add a simple link to it, for this you have to follow the step by step guide mentioned below.

How to add links in the Author bio description box?


Step 1:

1. Go to Blogger dashboard >> template >> Edit HTML.

2. Click anywhere in the code box and press Ctrl + F button, and search by typing words that are written in the description of your author bio box.

Now, wherever you have to add links, use this code there. <a href=’yoururl‘> Read More </a>.

  • Instead of your URL, set the URL of your about us or any other page, profile link you would like to add.
  • Set Read More according to your need, you can write anything, it will be displayed and the link will be inside it.

If there is any problem in please refer to the below image.

Ways to add links in author bio box

3. Finally click on save template.

If you still have any kind of problem-related to blogging or any other queries, then do let me know in the comment, I will be happy to assist you.

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