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How to Add Pinterest Pin it button to every image of Blogger

Adding Pinterest Pin it Button: Pinterest is a social media platform like Facebook, Twitter on which we can upload our photo images and we can also save our photos in one place.

How to Add Pinterest Pin it button to every image of Blogger

Today in this post “How to Add Pinterest Pin it button to every image of Blogger”, I will show you how to add a hover pin it button to all images of blogger blog. When a visitor brings a mouse to the image of your blog post, then the button of Pinterest pin it will show. By clicking on that button, the visitor/readers can share the photo of your website on Pinterest.

What is Pinterest? Things you need to know


Pinterest is a social networking site on which you can upload your photo and share it on the internet, in a way you can make an online album of your or anyone else photo on Pinterest.

You can pin it to your website by submitting your website or blog on Pinterest. Pinterest personalizes media works, whether the user wants to publicize his/her photos or keep the photos private.

How to add Pinterest Pin It Hover Button to Blogger Image?


In this tutorial, we are talking about adding a pinterest pin hover button to blog images, which means hovering your mouse to the image, then a pin it button will be shown up automatically, this is a great way to share your website’s photo on Pinterest.

I am not only teaching you about, how to add Pinterest pin it button but, I will also teach you how to make the pin it button icon of your choice.

Follow the step-by-step guide mentioned below to add Pinterest Pin it button to your blogger images.

1. First you go to the Blogger dashboard and click on Template >> Edit HTML.

2. After this,  search the </body> code.

3. Now you copy the below-mentioned code and paste it before the </body> tag.

class="lang:php decode:1 ">&lt;script&gt;
var bs_pinButtonURL = "hhttps://4.bp.blogspot.com/-SaCJ0GHmO84/VgT0Wo9Zp6I/AAAAAAAAE-c/_wKxHcg5L-8/s1600/ohmh.png";
var bs_pinButtonPos = "center";
var bs_pinPrefix = "";
var bs_pinSuffix = "";
&lt;script src='https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.8.2/jquery.min.js' type='text/javascript'&gt;&lt;/script&gt;
&lt;script id='bs_pinOnHover' src='https://greenlava-code.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/publicscripts/bs_pinOnHoverv1_min.js' type='text/javascript'&gt;
// This Pinterest Hover Button is brought to you by bloggersentral.com.
// Visit https://www.bloggersentral.com/2012/11/pinterest-pin-it-button-on-image-hover.html for details.
// Feel free to use and share, but please keep this notice intact.

4. Customizing:-

  • Instead of the URL on the number 3 code line, set the URL of the pin it button of your choice.
  • On the number 4 code line, if you want to show pin-it hover button on the center leave it as it is “center”. If you do not want to show the pin it button on the center of the photo, change “center” to “left” “right” “top”.
  • After setting the code, click on the save template and now you can see the result.

How to change Pinterest pin it Icon?


Follow the steps mentioned below to design pin it button

1. Go to Google and search for “pin it icon”.

2. Google will show you many pins it icon buttons, download it.

3. Now edit the pin it icon with the help of a photo editor (if your pc does not have photo editing software, then you can do it from another photo editing software.

4. After editing the icon, save it to pc.

5. Now go to the new post option in your blog and upload the icon in the post.

6. Now click on HTML from Compose/HTML.

7. In the HTML section, copy the code which is between “xyz” from hrs =”xyz” code.

8. Now paste the code instead of the red color URL in number 3 code line as described in Customizing section above.

As soon as you paste the code and save it, pinterest pin it button will be added to your blogger image, if you find this post good and helpful, then do comment your feedack.

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