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How to Earn Money From Mobile in 2021 | Proven Ways

Earn Money From Mobile:  Mobiles and computers have become a basic need in today’s era. From small children to elders and old people, everyone likes to use it and it will not be wrong to say that if a person needs anything else after fulfilling his basic requirements, then that is only mobile. Without mobile and the internet, it has become difficult to get out of life these days.

How to Earn Money From Mobile in 2021 | Proven Ways

Many people keep using mobile day and night and most people use mobile only for their entertainment. If you are also doing the same. Then today we tell you that you can earn very good money on it by not using mobile just for entertainment.

There are many different ways to earn money, by learning which you can earn lakhs of rupees in a month sitting at home.

Can earn money from mobile?


Yes, money can be earned from mobile. There are many different ways in which people are earning a lot of money by using it. You do not even need much qualification for this. You just need to learn the methods of this, after which you can start earning money.

Its initial time may take some time because whenever you start any new work, it takes some time. And when you learn its method, then your earnings will also increase.

Along with this, there is no need for any kind of investment to earn money from mobile. Meaning that you do not need any expensive Office for this. You can start this work sitting at home, and neither do you need to hire anyone.

You can also do this work alone and when your work will increase more in the future, then it depends on you whether you want to keep someone for your work or not.

Today there are many such apps available on mobile, with the help of which you can earn very good money sitting at home and some of you must know about these apps. If you are thinking of doing this work then you can also start.

This is a very good and new way for which you do not even need to go anywhere and do not need any certificate. Only you should have more knowledge about the methods of this.

One good and advantage of earning money from mobile is that there is no income limit on it. If you want, you can earn lakhs of crores of rupees and neither is there any kind of fraud in it.

All this income will be transferred to your account, which you can withdraw. So without any delay, start earning money by learning its method today.

Can we earn 1 lakh rupees a month from mobile?


Yes, you can earn 1 lakh rupees a month from mobile, but it may take up to 1 year because when you do this work in the beginning, you will not understand much and the income will not be much.

But as you keep working you can earn one lakh and then more than 1 lakh rupees in a month.

Not only for a month, but many people are earning lakhs of rupees in a day, you can also do this, but when you learn its methods well then it is possible.

If you want, you can earn so much money from mobile that you will not go to any job because you know that whenever you join a job for the first time, the salary is given only from 5 to 7000.

But if you start your work on mobile then you can earn much more money than this. Today everyone is more like the way of working online. For this, you do not need to go anywhere and you can earn a lot of money.

It will also not be wrong to say that nowadays there is more money in only two types of jobs, one is a government job for which you have to work very hard and even after that you do not know whether you will get the job or not, and secondly to earn money online.

This work is also being done by many people nowadays. And on seeing, many people have started with zero investment and have earned lakhs of crores of rupees and are still earning.

How to earn money from Mobile


After knowing about mobile, we are going to tell you how to earn money from a mobile or what are the ways by which you can earn money from mobile –

1. Make Money With Affiliate Marketing


This is the best and most used way to earn money online so that you can earn very good money sitting at home. You must have heard about many online shopping websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, or Snap deal.

You have to promote the product of these company and you will get money for it, whenever you post on any social media, you can put a link to your Affiliate Marketing Website in that post.

And whenever a user makes a purchase on a product by clicking on that link, you are paid for it. In this way, you can earn money with the help of mobile.

2. Earn Money With Link Shortening


You can also make a good profit by using this method without much effort. For this, you have to join a Paid Link Shortner and then you have to shorten any link and after that share those links with as many people as possible.

More people will click on this link. Your earning will also be higher.

You can earn money by sharing it with people on your Facebook, Whatsapp, and whatever platform you use. And you can do this work very easily from your mobile.

3. Earn Money From Social Media


People are currently earning a lot on social media too. If you must be using Facebook and WhatsApp, then you can also earn money from these platforms. On Facebook, you can earn money by creating a group and advertising the company’s product in it.

And you can use the same method in WhatsApp as well, or you can also earn by doing online selling work by creating a group on WhatsApp.

The more products you sell, the more commission you will be given. And you can do all this with the help of your mobile very easily sitting at home.

4. Earn Money by Playing Game’s


Nowadays many new games are coming, by playing which you can earn money sitting at home. Anyway, you must play some of the other games on your phone, then you start playing that game for which you are paid.

By searching many good Gaming Testing Websites on the Internet, you can see their games, which you are paid by that website to play. In this way, you can earn along with entertainment by playing games on mobile.

5. Make Money With Instagram


To earn money from Instagram, it is important that you have a lot of followers because the more followers you have, the better you will earn.

You can start increasing your followers gradually by starting this work and as soon as people start following you, you can earn money by advertising a product. Or you can also earn by posting content.

6. Make Money From YouTube


You all must know very well about YouTube and nowadays every person also uses it. You can also use YouTube to earn money.

For this, you can earn by creating your YouTube channel and uploading videos on it. When you start this work then you will not earn that much. But as your channel grows, your earning will also increase. In this way, you can earn with the help of YouTube on mobile.

7. Earn Money With Google Pay


Google Pay is also a good way to earn money from mobile. In this, you can earn money by using Referral Link.

You can share this Referral Link with your friends and whoever downloads Google Pay using this link, then you are given some bonus for that which earns you. And whenever you send money to someone on Google Pay, you get a scratch coupon for every single transaction from which you get money.

8. Earn Money With Mobile Apps


Nowadays many such apps have come on mobile, by using which you can earn. If you do not know about it, then you can try searching on the Internet. A list of many such apps will come in front of you, from which you can also earn.

Many of these apps are also fake, but many apps are also useful, due to which you get good earning. You can start earning money by installing these apps on your mobile.

9. Earn money by teaching on mobile


If you have very good knowledge about a subject or you have more interest in studies, then you can earn by teaching online also. For this, you can create a group on your mobile’s WhatsApp and take a fee from the students by teaching them.

Along with this, you can also earn by creating your Study Related Channel on YouTube and uploading videos on it. You can upload it by making a video about different subjects. This will increase your own knowledge and your earning will also increase.

10. Earn Money From Content Writing


If you are a good writer, then you can also earn with the help of mobile by using this talent of yours. You can start your website by writing a good article on any topic sitting at home. On this website, you can post one or two articles every day which are of good quality.

And the better your article, the more people will visit your website. You can also share this website on your WhatsApp so that more traffic comes to the website and in this way, you can earn thousands of lakhs of rupees sitting at home with the help of Content Writing.

If you want, you can also write content for other’s website, for which you can get good payment.

11. Earn Money From PPD Websites


The full form of PPD is Pay Per Download, in which you are given money to download the files.

You have to share the link of any file of the PPD website with as many people as possible from your mobile and as many people download that file by clicking on that link.

You are given that much money from the PPD website. These files include photos, videos, songs, etc., which you have to download and share with more and more people.



Today everyone has a mobile but people do not know how to use it well. But it would not be wrong to say that many people also want to earn money from mobile, but they do not know how to do this work, so today we remove your problem.

If you also want to earn some money by doing online work on mobile, then you can also start work by learning any of the above-mentioned methods well.

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