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How to get Free Fire Character Shirou for free

Free Fire Character Shirou: Characters are among the most fascinating and exciting aspects of Garena Free Fire as they are for cosmetic purposes and have far-reaching effects on gameplay. They distinguish the title from other games of this genre.

How to get Free Fire Character Shirou for free

Each character, except for Nulla and Primis, boasts a unique ability to help them emerge victorious on the battlefield. The game developers regularly add new characters to keep the game balanced and engaging. Shirou and Skyler are the latest additions to the list.

This article provides players with an overview of a new Free Fire Character Shirou and a step-by-step guide to obtain it in Free Fire for free.

Shirou Character of Free Fire


Shirou Character of Free Fire

Although this character was on the character list a few days ago, players can acquire it from 27 February. Reads the character’s in-game description below.

“Shirou is the fastest delivery guy around.”

Shirou Character Ability is Damage Delivered

It is a passive ability that tags enemies within 80 m when they hit players for a period of six seconds. This tag is visible only to the user.

The first shot at the marked enemy penetrates a 50% additional armor. Meanwhile, there is a 35-second cooldown.

Also, at the highest level, the range and duration of the tag remain constant. The first shot on the tagged enemy has 100% additional armor penetration, and Cooldown is reduced by 20 seconds.

Players will receive Shirou character as a login reward on February 27, 2021. They can follow the steps given below to claim it:

How to get Free Fire Character Shirou

1. Open a special Cobra interface by pressing the icon on the right side of the screen.

How to obtain Shirou character of free fire for free

2. Select the login reward option.

Free way to claim free fire character

3. Press the claim button to get the character.

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