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How to get Free Fire Diamonds for Free through the March Clips Event

Get Free Fire Diamonds for Free: Diamonds are one of Free Fire’s in-game game currencies, have become an important part of the Quick-Pair Battle Royal Games. Players need them for various purposes such as buying characters, pets, costumes, skins, and lots more.

How to get Free Fire Diamonds for Free through the March Clips Event

The in-game currency is not free, and users will have to pay real money to get them. Therefore, they look for different ways to obtain diamonds for free, without paying any single penny from their pocket.

The developers of Free Fire combine several events that allow users to obtain diamonds for free. In the recent “March Clips event”, players now have a shot at getting in-game currency, diamonds.

This article keeps an eye on how players can participate in the event and earn Free Fire diamonds for free in the game.

Getting Free Fire Diamonds for Free through the March Clips Event


how to get Free Fire Diamonds for Free

The “March Clips Event” will run from March 2 to March 16. During the duration of the event, users will have to upload their gameplay clips of them hitting their opponents using the vehicles in Free Fire on the “Booyah” Application.

Read the following details of the event:


“Vehicles in Free Fire are super cool and convenient, and they are LETHAL too! We invite you to share your sharpest and most lethal moments with vehicles on Booyah this March! From 2-16 March, upload a clip of you smashing over and killing your opponents with vehicles in Free Fire, and you will stand a chance to win a good deal of diamonds!”


“Do make sure that your videos have a proper BGM! Vroom Vroom for the win!”

Therefore, players need to upload videos eliminating their enemies from vehicles to participate in the event and have the chance to get Free Fire diamonds for real free.

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How to join Free Fire March Clips Event


Follow the steps below to reach the event:

1: Players should click on the “Calendar” (events) icon located on the right side of the lobby screen.

What are the ways to get free diamonds of free fire

2. Players have to navigate through the “NEWS” tab and tap on “March Clips Event”.

How to get free diamonds in march clips event

3. Next, they have to tap on the “Go-To” button then the players will be redirected to BOOYAH! Application.

If players do not have BOOYAH! They will be redirected to its Google Play Store page.

Then players must share related gameplay videos to participate in the event.

Note: Players must bind their free fire accounts to BOOYAH! App.

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