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How to make your exam preparation easy for get better marks

How to prepare for the exam:

“exam”…. On hearing this word, a sensation spreads among many students. Now the exam season is going on and there are many concerns about the examination preparation among the students. So I thought why should I share some tips about prepare for the exam which I have adopted in my life.

How to make your exam preparation easy for get better marks

I found that it happens many times that we prepare for our exams very well, but in the exam, we are not able to do so well and make many mistakes, which makes us very sad and our confidence is lacking.

Let me tell you that there is a lot of difference between the art of studying and the art of taking exams.

A student should take equal attention in both aspects, if he wants to do his best in the exam then if he follows some of the easy methods given below, then it is my 100% claim that your score is at least an improvement of 10% will definitely be done. So what do we start late?

How to prepare for the exam?


I believe that our examinations are only 20-30 days in a year if we walk for 1 year (365 days), then obviously it is quite possible that during the rest of the days we will be very free and anxious (Tension Free).

If we think the same way, if there are 300+ days of examinations throughout the year, then we will not have any fear of Exams, because if we do any work continuously in our natural practice or dinners, then we fear it more.

Do not think so. And this thing is also applicable in Exams.

Other reasons are also responsible such as lack of our practice, lack of a good plan.

Measures for success in competitive exams


Give Regular Self Test:  Start a new practice, giving a self-test every day. Whatever you read throughout the day, write it in your copy in short points. And try to write some prescribed questions without looking at them.

Take the help of your friend or your teachers to test all these tests. And if this is not possible, then you can also check your answer sheet yourself. After a few weeks, you will start getting results.

I believe that by doing Self Introspection, we will be aware of our mistakes so that we do not repeat those mistakes in the future.

Do not depend on the pre-exam study:  It is a very small habit that we should pay attention to our issues from the very beginning of studies and not just before the examination.

If a student adopts this small habit in his life, then he will not have any tension in the exam and he can write the exam in those days by being very relaxed and calm.

Cool brain:  It has been found from research that a quiet brain can work 4 times better than a restless brain.

And if our brain is calm, then our mistakes will also be reduced and we can write the exam very well.

The last few days of the exam are only suitable for Revision:  It is generally found that 90% of the students start their studies a few days before the examination.

By doing this, they have to read a lot of courses in a very short period of time.

For this reason, Revision should be done only in the last month of the exam.

So that we will get a good grip on our subjects and as a result, our mind will also be calm during exam days.

How to get better results in your exam presentation?


  • Understand all the topics of your book well at the time of reading and if you do not understand, clear your doubts at the same time.
  • Practice your subjects continuously.
  • Give practice test every day, every 7 days, 15 days, 30 days.
  • At least 2 complete exams should be given at the end of the course.
  • Whenever you see any important information, do not forget to underline it and write it in your notebook.
  • Do not forget to update your NoteBook from time to time, by doing this you will be able to revision in the end.

Strategic Plan for Exam Preparation


To deal with any strange situation, always keep a Subsidiary Plan ready with you so that you do not have to take much tension at the time of examination.

Art of writing: 

It is not all about studying much in the exam if your handwriting is very beautiful and you have to present your answers very properly then there is a plus point for you.

This art is called the Art of Presentation. By doing this, your answers are separated from the rest and this is the focus of the examiner.

Anyone can learn this art, but for this, he will have to practice a lot and generate a little creativity. With creativity, you can write very good and the point answer.

Biological Clock:

Always give your exams at home at the exact time at which you are going to give the examination center. By doing this, there is a big benefit that it will synchronize your body’s natural clock at the same time, and in this way, it will not need to prepare during the exam day and it will work to its full potential. It will take

Speed and Accuracy:

I keep these two things very much. This is because only time is reduced in the exam.

For example, if any student gets more time, he can answer all the questions. But this is not possible because there is a time limit also. Those who are successful in the exam are the ones who have a good grip in Speed and Accuracy. And both these things are possible only through constant practice.


Friendship with exams:

If we make a habit of an examination every day in advance, then we will not have tension even on the day of the examination, because we must have become so accustomed to giving the exam that this examination will also seem like a common test to us.

Just like we are not afraid to meet our friend because we meet him every day, similarly there will be no fear in our mind during the exam days.

Daily Routine:

If you follow a permanent routine in your life, then you can give time to everything and you can enjoy your life even better.

You can experience studying, sports, talking with friends, spending time with family, etc. well at the right time.

Continuity in work:

Continuity is very important in doing any work. It is this continuity that helps us to do what seems impossible.

For example, if a student studies very hard for the first 3 days of a week and has fun in the remaining days. Another student continuously works the same way continuously all the days of the week.

Research has found that the second student performs better in the examination, there is only and one reason for this, which is continuity.

Sleep and Energy Management:

A person requires 6 hours of sleep a day.

There are 24 hours in a day, then it is clear that if we provide 6 hours of sleep.

Then we have 18 more hours left and if we use it properly throughout the day then we will have a lot of time left in our To do important work.

By sleeping more or less, also affects us at the Energy Level due to which we may get tired.

For this reason, we have to set a suitable time for sleeping so that we can use all our energy in our lives in a strict manner.

 Smart Diet:

Our food and drink also have a great impact on the exam, so we should take care of this as well.

Big doctors say that consuming food is very beneficial.

We should keep our food and drink healthy and balanced so that it should not cause instability in our sleep and power.

Due to this, the whole day will be supplied in our body, which will make us anxious to do more work.

Currently, live:

It happens whenever we sit to study, then many thoughts like movies, games, games come to our mind.

When we are with our family, we worry about our friends, and when we are with our friends, we worry about our school homework.

This happens because our mind is not stable.

We should seek the help of yoga to stabilize the mind, because only through yoga and practice can we gain stability over our mind so that we can plan the mind in important work.

Examinations and hard parts of life


Always we should understand the main purpose of the exam, the exam is a criterion by which we can test our preparation.

One thing to note here is that no exam is the last exam.

In life, we will have to give many such tests, if we become disheartened by the result of an examination.

Then we will start feeling afraid and disgusted by the examination, which is not at all good for us.

Think that examinations and difficulties are part of our life and this is the real identity of our personality.

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