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How to obtain New Elite Duo Bundle in Free Fire from Prestige Box

How to obtain New Elite Duo Bundle in Free Fire from Prestige Box: Garena’s Free Fire has managed to attract a huge player base by packing diverse game features such as skins, challenges, fortune royals, and much more. All these elements complement the game’s popular Battle Royal format.

How to obtain New Elite Duo Bundle in Free Fire from Prestige Box

Garena has unveiled yet another Legendary Skin Bundle called the Elite Duo Bundle. The newly launched bundle features a male and a female outfit. The bundle’s blue and silver esthetics, along with technical animation, carry futuristic vibes.

The Elite pair bundle is available in the Elite box. Unboxing a Prestige box can cost a total of 25 diamonds.

It is important to note that opening a Prestige box does not guarantee the Elite Duo bundle. It depends entirely on your fate.

In addition to the outfits, players also have the chance to obtain 1/2/3/5/10 Prestige tokens by opening a Prestige case. If players open multiple Prestige cases and gain at least 60 Prestige tokens, then you can redeem either of the outfits from the Elite Duo bundle.

Ways to get Elite Duo Bundle in Free Fire

If the players are lucky enough, they will get the outfit within a few tries. If not, they can redeem the collected Prestige tokens.

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Steps to obtain the Elite Duo Bundle in Free Fire from Prestige Box

To make it easier for our readers, here are the steps you can follow to obtain the Elite Duo bundle:


  1. Go to the Free Fire Store and then go to the boxes.
  2. Select the Elite Pair Bundle and click Purchase. Players must ensure that they top-up enough diamonds to open at least some cases.
  3. Keep opening as many cases as possible. With each opening, you must monitor the number of Prestige tokens to redeem for any of the outfits.

Note: The Elite Duo bundle was added to Free Fire on February 15 and will be available in stores through the Prestige case until February 21.

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