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How to prepare for any exam: when there is less time for study

How to prepare for any exam: Whenever an exam is about to start, many students often have to face a big problem and that problem is that they have to prepare too much syllabus in a short time. This problem would be very big for those students who have not read anything for the whole year.

How to prepare for any exam: when there is less time for study

Often students keep searching for answers to some such questions on the internet like how to prepare for the exam in a month or how to do it in a week or how to do it in a day. I can study more and more and get a very good score in the exam.

These special tips will help you in every situation, whether you have one month left in preparation for the exam, one week left, or one day. This exam can be half-yearly, board examination, or any other. Competitive exam

Let us know some special tips:

1 . First look at old papers and syllabus (do a little research):


Before starting any exam preparation, do some research by looking at the complete syllabus and old papers. First, know how many chapters and topics have been given in the syllabus. Then try to know by looking at the old papers.

  • Which chapter must be asked questions
  • From which chapter came simple questions and from which chapter difficult
  • And which chapter was asked the least questions

After this complete analysis, you will understand which chapter (and which topic) is most important for the exam. You will also understand which chapter you can easily prepare and which chapter is the most difficult.

If you have one month left to prepare for the exam, then you can give half to one day time in this analysis. If you have time for one day, then you should do this analysis in 10 to 15 minutes.

2 . Set a priority and time table to create chapters:


After the analysis of the syllabus and old papers, set a priority to prepare the chapters and also create a timetable. It may take 10 – 15 minutes more or less while preparing a chapter, so while making the timetable take a margin of time for each chapter or topic.

Once you have created a timetable, avoid any changes in it. If you change the timetable, again and again, you will keep changing the timetable and your preparation will not be able to happen or if it will be very little. So whatever time Make the table at once and follow it strictly. Try to prepare a chapter within or before the scheduled time.

3. Prepare easy chapters first:


While preparing, prepare easy chapters the first time, this will increase your confidence level.

Some people start reading difficult chapters first, they argue that there will not be much to do in easy chapters and they can be read easily later. Many times it happens that people are stuck in difficult chapters and those take too much time in chapters.

In this round, even the easy chapters are not ready, so the difficult chapters should be read later.

Suppose you have to prepare three chapters and all three are easy for you, then first prepare the chapter that asks the highest number of questions in the exam.

4. Make points and read:


Whenever you study, study by making points. Studying by making points makes it very easy for you to revise, especially at the time when there are some hours left before the exam starts.
If you remember important points while answering subjective questions, then you can easily give a big answer. So the answers to the questions should always be read or memorize by making points.

5. Whatever you need, just keep it with you:


When the time is at work and the syllabus is more than one minute is valuable for you, so when studying, you only have the things you need such as books, dictionary, water bottle, etc. attached to that subject.

Do not keep something on which you can not concentrate in your studies. If the laptop is not necessary for your studies, then do not use it. If there is a great need for the internet, then keep the smartphone with you as far as it is used. Could avoid it.

6. Do not take long breaks between studies and do group studies if bored.


Often you must have heard from people that you should take it between studies. This is true only when you have too much time and the syllabus is very less. When you have very little time, you should avoid taking breaks between your studies. If you take frequent breaks in between studies, then your concentration will be disturbed.

You are bored reading a chapter and if you feel like taking a break, then you can read another subject or some other topic for a while.

If you want, you can also do a combined or group study. The thing to note here is that before starting the combined or group study, you should have a complete plan that how many topics you will read in a fixed time. It is the best thing to do.

7. Get plenty of sleep and a proper diet.


When you study more in less time, there is more pressure on your brain, so at this time you should get plenty of sleep so that there is no effect on your concentration capacity. At this time you should take a balanced diet and you should eat it made from fine flour. You should avoid it because eating liqueur (or fast food) increases laziness and decreases your brain’s working capacity.



These are some of the learning tips by which you can study more and more in a short time and get a good score. The most important thing that needs to be kept in mind here is that once you make a study timetable do not change again and again. It has often seen that students set a timetable but they are not able to execute it properly and when the time is short, they create a new timetable again and then do not follow it for any reason. In this way, this cycle keeps on running again and again and it is not able to prepare according to its capacity. Through hard work, these problems can easily avoid and your goals can be found easily.

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