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How to Promote Blog After Successfully Publishing Post

If you are a blogger and you are continuing blogging. Then you must need traffic on your blog, so this post is very important for you. Traffic is important for every blogger. Just writing good posts is not the way to increase traffic, you should promote it after writing the post.  In this post “How to Promote Blog After Successfully Publishing Post “, I should explain the ways to promote blog posts.

You can increase the traffic of your blog by up to 50% or more by following these simple methods.

How to Promote Blog After Successfully Publishing Post

Basically, you know about social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to share posts.

But do you know we have more platforms where you can share your blog’s post. Here we will know How to Promote a Blog After Successfully Publishing Post.

What to do after successfully publishing a blog post?

After publishing the blog post, where to share?

1. Google Community


  • Google Plus

For Blogger Blog Google Plus is the best way to reach potential people. About 80% of people use Google Plus after Facebook. So for bloggers, it is second after Facebook. Is a market of Blogger has given the facility to share automatic posts on Google Plus.

  • Google Community

On Google Plus too, you can create a separate community for your blog like we create a Facebook page. On Google Plus too, you can create a separate community for your Blog.

In a way, it will become a library of your blog, in which all the posts shared by you will be. This will make it very easy for your readers to know about your site.

2. Facebook


Facebook has been a popular social networking site for the last 17 years. You can also promote your blog post with the help of this.

The good thing is that you can share your blog posts by creating pages, groups on Facebook. You can reach your friends, even friends of friends, or even reach your post on a geographic basis, by creating ads.

  • Facebook Page

Create a Facebook page named, the same as your blog and share every new post of your blog to Facebook Page. Any number of people can like your Facebook page.

Invite all friends to like this page. And ask your friends also to invite their friends to likes. So that whenever you post a new article on Facebook page, your article will be soon on your follower’s news feed.

  • Facebook Group

Yes, you create a separate group for your blog. Add your friends in it and ask others to also add. Share your blog post in the group. When you share the post in this group, then every member will get its notification in the group and it will be seen in the news feed.

If they click on the post URL, they will be redirected to your blog. So this will help you a lot in increasing the traffic of your blog.

  • Add URL on your Profile;

Add your blog URL in the about section of your Facebook profile, so when anyone checks your profile the link to your blog post will be visible so they can click on it and they get redirected to your blog post.

3. Twitter


Twitter is also becoming a top social network like Facebook today. You should also share your site’s post on it. Tweet the title and link of your blog post, so your blog gets more exposure.

Remember we cannot share more than 140 words on Twitter.

4. Pinterest


You can increase the traffic of your blog by sharing photos of your blog on Pinterest. If you make a good photo of your blog, if anyone searches images related to your blog, your blogs photos will be seen, by clicking on that photo, below that there will be the link by clicking on  it they will be redirected to your blog.

5. Linkedin


Most professional and interested people use Linkedin. Try sharing your post over there, it will bring out value to your post.

6. Email Newsletter


Email Newsletter is a great way to promote your blog post. Create an email service for your blog. And ask your readers to subscribe. Whenever you create or publish a new post in your blog, you can send Mail to your subscribers about your post and recommend them to read it.

7. Youtube


YouTube is a platform created by Google’s. If you want to bring additional traffic to your blog,  you should make a video of every post on your site and upload it to YouTube.

This will do two things for you. One will be the promotion of your site.

Secondly, you can also earn money by Adsense by making videos of your site’s posts on YouTube.

Now you must be wondering how to make videos for uploading on YouTube. There is a lot of software for making videos. With the help of which you can make a video of your site’s post and put it on YouTube.

Most software for making videos are paid. But you can use Apowersoft for free. And you can make a video of your site’s posts for real free.

4. Quora


Quora is a community question-answer network site. You can promote your site by sharing your site’s post on it. When you answer the queries of people on Quora, add a link to your site and ask people to come to your site.

When someone questions on Quora, they will see your post. If you want to increase the traffic of your blog, then you must do it.

5. Guest Post


You can ask other bloggers, website owners to publish your posts on their site. With this, you can easily get many readers. So, make sure you share your popular post on a popular blog.

You can increase the traffic of your blog to a great extent by following the methods mentioned in this post. If you want any other information related to blogger or the internet, then you can post your problem in the comment, I will be happy to assist.

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