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How to Remove "Powered By Blogger" attribution? - Step By Step

How to Remove “Powered By Blogger” attribution? – Step By Step

Hello blogger, today I am gonna guide you with the help of this post “How to Remove “Powered By Blogger” attribution in Blogger – Step By Step”.

Because with “Powered By Blogger” attribution everyone gets to know that the blog is made on blogger.

How to Remove "Powered By Blogger" attribution? - Step By Step

Before telling how to Hide/Remove Powered By Blogger attribution. Let us know,

What is “Powered By Blogger” attribution?


Powered By Blogger means that your blog has been created on blogger.com.

Which means they are some how co link with you or your blog.

Blogger is a free website to share your thoughts with the people and you can convert them into a website by making a blog on the blogger.

Why to Remove Powered By Blogger?


When visitors come to your website and they see the attribution of powered by blogger, then they understand that your website/blog created on blogger.com.

If you want to change your blog into a professional blog, then you can hide/remove Powered By Blogger attribution from your blog.

How to Hide/Remove Powered By Blogger attribution?


I should be telling you in detail about the 3 Option to remove Powered By Blogger from your blog.

You can follow whichever you like, but before that follow my steps below:

Option: 1

Remove Powered By Blogger to Unblock

Step 1:

how to remove powered by blogger in blogger

  1. Go to Blog’s dashboard >> Template >> edit HTML.
  2. After clicking on Edit HTML, click on Jump to widget.
  3. Click on Attribution.

Step 2:

How to hide powered by blogger?

  1. Write locked = ‘false‘ instead of locked = ‘true‘ as mentioned in the image.
  2. Click on Save template.

Step 3:

How can we remove powered by attribution?

  1. Go back to the layout of the blog and click Edit on the right side of the widget named attribution.
  2. Click Layout, then click edit just in front of Attribution.

Step 4:

A new popup window will open as soon as you click on edit.

Exactly like you are been shown in the below screenshot.

Step by step Guide

1. Click on Remove.

Finaly click on Save arrangement.

Option: 2

Hide Powered By Blogger from CSS Codes

Remove powered by blogger attribution using HTML

  1. Click on Blog’s Dashboard >> Template >> Costomize.
  2. Now we have to click on Advance >> Add CSS.
  3. Paste the code #Attribution1{display; none;} in the CSS box.
  4. After pasting the code, click on Apply for blog.

Now in your blog Powered by blogger will not be visible.

Option: 3

Hide Powered by blogger from HTML code

  1. Go to Dashboard >> Template >> edit HTML of your blog.
  2. Now click anywhere in the code box, press Ctrl + F button and search by typing Powered By.
  3. Paste Style = ‘display: none‘ code after the link to Powere By.

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I hope now you are all been cleared with my post “How to Remove “Powered By Blogger” attribution in Blogger – Step By Step”.

And now you can easily hide or remove “Powered By Blogger” attribution from your blogger blog.

If you are facing any problem in hiding/removing Powered By Blogger from your blog, then do tell me in comment bellow.

I will be happy to assist you.

Also, if you like the information on “How to remove Powered By Blogger Attribution from blog?”, then do share this post on social media for your friends, so somehow it might be helpful to them.





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