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How to use Filmora Video Editor? Step by Step

How to do video editing in Filmora Video Editor? Wondershare Filmora is one of the most popular video editing software. You can edit on both computer and mobile devices, but the real fun will be found on your computer. Friends led tell something before starting the post, this post will share my main basic tips. The reason is that I will not be able to tell every single thing about the software. If you follow the basic tips then you will do the rest of the work yourself.

How to use Filmora Video Editor Step by Step

Filmora is best for video editing because it is very easy to use, any normal computer user can edit any video. If you want to make simple YouTube videos or edit any wedding videos, then this software is best for you.

How to do video editing using Filmora Video Editor?


Friends, you will find Filmora video editing software on the Internet. You first download and install it on your computer or laptop. Filmora is paid software and you can use it for 30 days for free. If you think that the software is good, then you can also buy it online.

Step 1. First, you open the software, you will see 2 options in front of it, you select “Full Feature Mode”.

Step 2. Filmora full mode will open in front of you, now you have to edit the video. Friends to edit the video you have to follow step by step. I have given the number, according to that, the work of the option will be known to you.

1.Import → By clicking on this option, you select the video from your computer. That is, select the video you want to edit.

2. Music → If you want to add music to the video or if you want to add a song, then you can add music with the option.

3. Text / Credit → If you want to add text to the video, ie if you have written your own name or anything, then using the option can do that work, you will get many text effects in the option.

4. Transition → If you want to give a transition effect to your video, use the option, you can give a beautiful transition effect on the video.

5. Filters → This is also the video effect if you have to give the under-filter effect of your video. Then you can do that work using this option, for that you only have to choose the effect, above the video.

6. Overlay → You can use the overlay effect to beautify the video, it is also a very good effect, it is the same to use the rest of the effect.

7. Elements → This is a new effect that you will not get from the rest of the editing software. I said you will have many effects on the Elements option. Which will make your video look better, if you check it, then use it on the video.

8. Split Screen → This option is a very fun option, if you want to show a video apart, then you can do that work using the option, you just have to choose any one effect to use it. It has to add different videos on the option of its bad part.

9. Split (Ctrl + B) → If you want to cut a video, then you can use this option. It is very important, there is an option, you will always get it. You select the video, its button Click on it, your video will be cut.

10. Video Track → This track says that you have a video on the track, you will have to bring the photo to edit, and only then you will be able to edit the video.

11. Effect Tracks → You can use this on a video track to have an effect on it.

12. Text Track → Use the track to give a text effect, if you want to write anything on the video, it will be useful for you.

13. Music track → If you need to add additional songs or audio to the video, then you have to use the Music track.

14. Export → The most important option If you are editing the video, then you can save the video by clicking on the Export option.

How to save video after editing?


If the video is edited, then you have to save it on the computer, for that, you have to click on export, click on export it will open one of your boxes. First, you have to name the video, select the location of which you want to save your video, select the location to save the video in MP4, WMV, and click on the ​​Export button.

Friends I have shared basic tips if you use the software for a few days, then you will understand all by yourself.

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