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How to use Labels perfectly as categories in Blogger

Today in this post “How to use Labels perfectly as categories in Blogger”, I am going to tell you, how we can perfectly use labels in the Blogger Blog.

How to use Labels perfectly as categories in Blogger

Category in a blog is very important, we can use categories in blog with the help of labels, we have to add labels to every post of our blog,

You can also check for an example of how the labels look like.

See the label tags in the sidebar of my blog.

So let’s us now move on to how to use the label perfectly for post categories in blogger.

Before that, let us know.

What is Label and how useful the labels in our blog?

In Blog, the feature of the label is to arrange the blog post as if you have made 20 posts on the “Blogging” topic, then how will visitors know how many posts are there on that particular blogging topic.

That is why there is the use of labels in our blog, and are very very useful for your blog.

For example: You can make a label named blogging and arrange blogging-related posts to blogging, for doing this, you will have to put a label in the post.

How to apply label perfectly in blog post?


If you write a new post on your blog, then there is an option for the labels below the post settings option on the right side.

How to use Labels perfectly as categories in Blog

1. What topic are you writing a related post or write it like Blog, Blogger, Blogpost etc, after every label, put “,“.

2. When 10 – 15 is labeled in your blog, it will show here, you can also choose the label by clicking on it.

How many labels should be used in Blog and Blog Post?


Blog:- You can use any number of labels in the blog, but every label should have any meaning, do not use extra labels without any sense, this will make it difficult for visitors of your blog to find the right label, it will look like illerevent.

Blog post:- You can use as many as 19 labels in a blog post, but I would suggest that you use only 3 – 5 labels in each post, this will keep your blog’s category accordingly good and visitors will be able to read the posts of their topic needs.

How to use labels in Blog perfectly?


  • Do not use more than 2 – 3 words in a label.
  • The name of the label should be such that by reading, visitors/readers can easily understand what post will be found on that particular topic.

How to Add Label Widget to Blogger Blog?


After adding a label to your post, the label will show at above and at the bottom of each post, it only shows the label with that particular post, so to show the labels in one place, you have to use the label widget in the blog.

Adding label widget in a blogger blog is very simple and easy, simply you carefully need to follow the step by step guide mentioned below.

Step 1:

  1. Go to your Blogger dashboard >> layout of your blog.
  2. Now click on Add a Widget in the right side (sidebar) of the blog.
  3. Then a new popup windows will open, click on Labels in it.

How to use category label in blogger

Step 2:

Now a new window will open.

How to use label for category in blog, step by step

  1. Write tags or labels in the Title.
  2. Tick on Cloud.
  3. Then you click on Save and click on Save Arrangement.

How to perfectly use label as a category in Blog?


You can use labels as a category in the blog, for this, you have to add a link to the labels by adding a category in the menu of the blog.

Almost every visitor pays attention to the menu bar topic of a blog, so do add 4-7 important topic to your blog.

How to use Label in Blog Menu?


  1. Go to your Blogger dashboard >> template >> Edit HTML.
  2. Now search for any topic which is already in your blog’s menu.
  3. Write the topic of your choice, instead of the searched topic.
  4. Set the URL of the label related to the topic instead of href = ‘#‘.

Similarly, you can set the rest of the topics in the blog menu.

If you wish to add colorful label do read this post: How to use colorful labels in Blogger | Step By Step


How to find the URL (link) of Label?


  1. Click on the label for which you want to find the URL.
  2. Now a new window will be open, the link that will be in the browser’s link box is the link to your label.

If you are not able to find the exact solution to your problem, or any other related querries, do let me know in the comment, I will be happy to assist you.

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I hope now you can use category label to your blog with the help of our post “How to use Labels perfectly as categories in Blogger”, if so, then do share this post on social media.

Somehow, for someone on social media, it will be helpful.


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