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How to write an good article for a blog 2021? Information.

Write a good article for a blog: Friends, if you have decided to do blogging, and you still do not understand from which topic you should start, which article to write, and how. So you don’t bother at all, I will tell you today, How to write an Article for a Blog.

How to write an good article for a blog 2021? Information.

Before writing a blog or any post, you have to take care of some things first. Whenever you write your article on any topic, do some research before that. The most important thing is that you are going to write your blog post on any topic, then definitely understand its intent. Intent means what your topic wants to say, if it is not, then your topic is different and you are going to write about something else.

Friends, writing any blog post is not easy, first, we have to understand which question or query we are going to answer. Then we have to think accordingly. Whenever you sit down to write an article, then you should do a little research about whatever article or post you are going to write and search your keyword on Google and see how others have written the article.

Methods for writing a blog post, keep these things in mind.


1) Keyword Research: –

Friends, always do keyword research before writing an article or post. Whatever topic you have thought about in your mind, find keywords related to that.

Before doing keyword research, you must take care of 2 things, whichever keyword you choose should have a higher search volume and competition should be less.

If you want to do keyword research for free, then you can use Keyword Planner, Google AutoComplete, Keyword Sheeter, and Answer The Public can use all these tools.

How to write an article for a Blog – if you have money to spend and you want good results then you can use Ahref and Semrush. Both these tools will give you good results.

2) Competitor Analysis: –

Before writing any article, you go to Google and see the top-10 results. On whatever topic you are going to write, you must see what other people have written and how they have written on the same article.
Keep an eye on your competitor and see what points he has written in his article. Also, see what is the thing that your competitor has not written, you must include it in your blog post.

If your competitor has written an article of 1000 words, then you should write your article of 1200 words. Writing a longer article will bring more and more keywords to your article.

3) Use LSI Keywords: –

How to write a blog post – If you use LSI Keyword (Latent Semantic Indexing) along with keywords in your article, your article will start showing in search results soon.

LSI Keywords are other keywords related to your keywords, we can also call them synonyms keywords.

4) Use Easy Language: –


Use very easy language while writing your article or content so that your user can understand the topic easily.

Blog writing examples in English – If your blog is in English then you should use very easy language and use simple vocabulary.

5) Use Images and Infographics: –

Make sure to use images and infographics in your blog. If you use infographics, then your user will enjoy reading the article even more.

Infographics make your article even more attractive. If any user does not like to read text or wants to save his time, then he will understand what is written in your article by looking at infographics.

6) Use Videos: –

If you use videos in your blog post, then it will give you 2 benefits, then your visitor will be able to get good and unique information, and then your bounce rate will also work.

My advice is that you must use videos in every post. You can also take the help of YouTube Videos to use videos, you can embed YouTube videos in your article.

7) Use FAQ: –


Use the FAQ ie question-answer in your article as well, so that your article will rank on the section of “People also ask”. What is written in blog questions? related to your topic, Quora, Answer The Public, Google SERP, etc You can search from them.

8) Use Table of contents: –

To make your article even more beautiful, use the table of contents. Using the table of contents, your article comes in Google’s Featured Snippet.

If your article has come once in the Featured snippet section of Google, then you will get a lot more traffic.

9) Use Small Paragraph: –

Ways to write an article for the blog – Write the content of your article in short paragraphs. This will make it easier for your visitors to understand and read the content.

10) Use More Headings: –


Make sure to use as many headings as possible. use H1, H2, H3, etc. If you use more and more headings, then the user experience of visitors will be good.

Conclusion: Give the correct information to your visitors and users, give complete information in your article so that your visitors do not go to any other website. Write your topic in detail and write the right thing. This will build the brand of your blog and website and people will trust you.

Friends, if you write an article keeping in mind the ways mentioned by me, then you will get a good response. And your blog will start appearing in search engines ranking as soon as possible.

So, guys, that’s all for today. Today we have learned about writing articles for blogs. I hope you liked my topic. If you have liked it, then definitely tell me in the comment.

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