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India challenges in the Indo-Pacific together with France and Australia

India challenges:  India and France will form a three-tier mechanism to deal with maritime and celestial challenges emerging in the Indo-Pacific region. For this, India and France chanted during the bilateral talks on Tuesday. At the same time, the two countries are also discussed ideologically during the talks on finding new ways to increase mutual cooperation in this field.

India  challenges in the Indo-Pacific together with France and Australia

External Affairs Minister S.K. The French side also announced to be part of India’s Indo-Pacific Maritime Initiative (IPOI) during talks between Jaishankar and his French counterpart Jean-Yucca Li Drian.

Foreign Minister said India and France keep moving forward through close cooperation on the common agenda after Kovid-19. He also praised the French Foreign Minister in the tweet. On the other hand, French Ambassador Emmanuel Lenián also described the meeting as very excellent.

Foreign Ministry announces


Apart from this, the Foreign Ministry declares. The two countries also realized the importance of intensifying the Indo-European Trade and Investment Agreement. The ministry said the two countries will explore ways to strengthen cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region. Including the India-Australia-France trilateral system, tackling maritime and celestial challenges, and working together in the field of climate control and bio-resource conservation.

The Ministry said India welcomes the decision of France. Which declares to link with the maritime resources, the pillar of IPOI. The Foreign Ministry said, the two ministers also discussed regional and global issues related to a lot of common interests. It also reiterated a shared commitment to a multi-polar world and faith in pluralism. Bilateral trade between India and France has increased tremendously during the last decade. The business had grown to $ 10.75 billion in the year 2020.

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