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India-China border dispute: US helped amid tension,

India-China border dispute: US helped amid tension

The US had shared information and some other tools with India during tensions along the border with China (India-China border dispute US) . The top commander of the Pentagon gave this information in the US Senate. He said that China has increased its aggression in the region and is trying to expand its dominance.

India-China border dispute: US helped amid tension,

Admiral Phillips Davidson, commander of the US Indo Pacific Command, said that in recent times, activities on the border from China have opened India’s eyes.
He has come to understand the importance of appealing cooperation from others for his security needs. This will further deepen cooperation with the Quad. ‘

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Admiral Davidson stated that ‘India has long had a stance of strategic autonomy and non-alignment.

But the crisis with China has opened its eyes’.

According to the Pentagon, China engaged 60,000 armed soldiers in Pangong Lake and East Ladakh last year.

After prolonged negotiations, both sides gradually removed troops from some areas of LAC.

The Admiral said that India still maintains its non-aligned stand, but its cooperation with the Quad has deepened and is an opportunity of significant strategic importance to the US, Australia, and Japan.

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It is noteworthy that along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Joe Biden, Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison.

And Prime Minister of Japan Yoshihind Suga will attend the first conference of the quad on Friday. It will be held in a virtual format.

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