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Intelligence report: Putin helped Trump against President Biden

Intelligence report revealed: Putin helped Trump against President Biden

Russia’s role in the 2020 primary election in the US has once again been mired in controversy. The nation’s intelligence agencies believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin had approved campaigns to help former President Donald Trump in the US primary election in November. However, no evidence has found to have any impact on the voting process.

 Intelligence report Putin helped Trump against President Biden

A government report said that Russia had made the misleading and vague allegation after Biden’s victory. However, it also states that no foreign government had influenced the final results.

That is, the intelligence agencies did not find any proof that any foreign intervention had any effect on the votes or voting process.

A 15-page report released from the Office of the Director of the National Intelligence Office gives an elaborate assessment of foreign interference in the US elections in 2020.

The report said that people associated with Russia spread unproven factual information just before Biden’s election on November 3, which intends to influence the election process.

Iran tried to damage Trump


This report released from the Office of the Director of Intelligence stated that it was a campaign to influence the election process conducted by Russia and Iran. During this period, Iran tried to damage Donald Trump’s chances of becoming president again. But even against Iran, the investigating agencies did not find evidence of foreign interference in tampering with any technical aspect.

China did not interfere


This important report released in the US says that China did not interfere in the election.

US officials say that China values a stable relationship with the US and has not taken any risk of being caught in it by interfering in the election.

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