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Jai vs K: Who is Better Character for Clash Squad Mode in Free Fire

Jai vs K Character: Clash Squad Mode is one of the most popular arcade modes in Free Fire, and players often like to push their rank tier in the game. However, characters play an essential role to help players improve their gameplay.

Jai vs K Who is Better Character for Clash Squad Mode in Free Fire

Jai and K are two of the game’s superior characters and exceptional deliveries for players. This article will compare Jai vs K Character abilities to find out which of them is more powerful for the Clash Squad mode in Free Fire.

Jai vs K Character Comparison


What is Jai Character Ability?


which is best Jai vs K Character

Jai’s ability is called Raging Reload.

Jay can automatically reload the magazine of the gun up to 30% after knocking an opponent. However, this reloading capability is limited to guns that fall under the AR, pistol, SMG, and SG classes.

This character can be level up to six stages, with a maximum magazine reloading capacity of 45%.

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What is K Character Ability?


Which character to choose for clash squad Jai or K

K has an active ability called Master of All.

In Jiu-Jitsu mode, allies within the 6-meter range achieve a 500% increase in EP conversion rate.

In Psychology mode, he can recover 2 EPs every 3 seconds for up to 100 EPs. However, this mode switch cooldown is of 20 seconds.

The K character can evolve to level 6 using a level-up card. At his maximum capacity, he can recover up to 2 EP every two seconds and up to 150 EP in Psychology mode.



Who is the better character? Jai or K.

Both Jai and K are incredible characters to play within Clash Squad Mode. However, K is slightly more beneficial than Jai on the basis of his abilities.

K can restore EPs automatically and help their partners restore EPs, thus clearly helping HP recovery. Jai offers automatic reload in some weapon classes and is also a great option for offensive players in Clash Squad. Character choice is always subjective. However, K maybe a slightly better option than Jai.

Disclaimer: The choice of one character is a personal decision, and completely prioritizing over another depends on a person’s playing style.

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