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Joe Biden said – Chinese President made a big mistake by not joining G20 and Cop26

Joe Biden utter: These days, there is a cold war-like situation between China and America on many issues. Both the countries do not hesitate to target each other. Now US President Biden has given a statement criticizing the President of China. He said that Xi Jinping has made a big mistake by not joining the G20, Cop26.

 Joe Biden said - Chinese President made a big mistake by not joining G20 and Cop26

Biden said on Russia and China not participating in KG-20, Cop26, “I think it has become a big mistake.” The world will look to China and say what value they have added. They have lost the ability to influence people around the world here at COP. In the same way, I would argue with respect to Russia.

Jinping did not leave China for 20 months, fear of losing power is also the reason


Chinese President Xi Jinping did not participate in the G20 meeting in Rome and the climate talks in Glasgow. Jinping has not stepped outside China for the last 20 months.

Haven’t met US President Joe Biden face-to-face to date. The Chinese government itself did not say, but some experts are telling the reason for this corona epidemic. There is also news that Jinping is trying to save control of the country’s power.

Next year is the 20th National Party Congress of the Communist Party of China. Here Jinping can retain himself as the leader of China for five more years. For this, he is doing internal politics from now on. Noah Birkin of the Rhodium group studying China describes this as an example of the ‘bunker mentality.

Biden promises to reduce carbon emissions by 2030


The passage of the bill related to the Build Back Better Package in the Senate requires that the entire Democratic Party remains united. The party has 50 members in the 100-member house. Apart from this, he has an additional vote of the Vice-President. If the party remains united, it can get this bill passed.

But after Menchin’s latest protest, now its prospects have become bleak again. Now all eyes are on the progressive fact. But observers say that if the fact softens its stand, it will tarnish its image. At the same time, he may have to face the opposition of the progressive mass organizations of the country.

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