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K vs Hayato: Which is the best character for Factory Challenge in Free Fire

K vs Hayato Character | Which is the best for Factory Challenge in Free Fire: Garena Free Fire is a unique game in the esports industry and spans some exciting features that set it apart from other BR titles. The inclusion of special characters is a feature that attracts most players.

While the characters are one of the most appealing features, the popular creators on YouTube pose some interesting challenges to make the game more engaging.

K vs Hayato Which is the best character for Factory Challenge in Free Fire

The Factory Challenge sees two players landing on a factory roof in the Bermuda map for face-offs (melee or fistfights).

K is one of the most powerful characters in the game, and Hayato is the much-awaited one. This article compares their abilities and looks at who is better for this factory challenge.

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Comparing K vs Hayato Character abilities in Free Fire


Hayato’s ability is Bushido


Which character is best K vs Hayato

Hayato has a passive ability called Bushido in Free Fire, and it extends some fantastic skills.

For every 10% reduction in the player’s maximum HP, penetration on the enemy’s armor increases by 8%. At the highest level, armor penetration increases by 10% with every 10% decrease in HP.

K’s ability is Master of All


which is best K vs Hayato Character

K has a beneficial active potential feature called Master of All. It is a full defender in Classic, Rank, and Clash Squad modes.

In Jiu-Jitsu mode, associates with a 6m radius get a 500% increase in the EP conversion rate. K charges two EPs every 3 seconds up to 100 EPs in Psychology mode. The mode switch cooldown is 20 seconds.

Gamers can raise the character to the highest level (level 6) by using the character level-up cards. At its highest capacity, K can restore up to two EPs every two seconds and up to 150 EPs in Psychology mode.



Hayato and K are amazing characters in classic and clash squad matches. However, their practical utility is doubtable in the Factory Challenge.

K may be a better option, however. Hayato increases enemies’ armor penetration and is not a poor ability to use for this challenge. Nevertheless, K is of greater use as their Psychology mode restores the EP automatically. Therefore, it allows players to gain recent HP, making it an unbeatable source of healing.

Note: Since Factory Challenge in Free Fire has a custom room mode, the choice of weapon depends entirely on the individual player. Fights are usually 1v1, and popular weapons are melee and fist. This article is based on these two characters’ abilities.

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