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K VS Skyler: Who is the better Free Fire Character for Factory Challenge

Free Fire K VS Skyler Character: Skyler in Garena Free Fire is the latest addition Character set, Skyler was recently launched into the game and was accessible to users around the globe. The characters contain some incredible features.

K VS Skyler Who is the better Free Fire Character for Factory Challenge

The Factory Battle Challenge is a well-known custom room challenge, created primarily by popular YouTubers & two players above the factory top using melee or fist.

This article compares Free Fire K & Skyler character abilities to see who would be a better pick for Factory Challenge.

K VS Skyler Character Ability Comparison


What is K Character Ability?


Which character to choose for clash squad Jai or K

K has an active ability called Master of All.

In Jiu-Jitsu mode, allies within the 6-meter range achieve a 500% increase in EP conversion rate.

In Psychology mode, he can recover 2 EPs every 3 seconds for up to 100 EPs. However, this mode switch cooldown is of 20 seconds.

The K character can evolve to level 6 using a level-up card. At his maximum capacity, he can recover up to 2 EP every two seconds and up to 150 EP in Psychology mode.

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What is Skyler Ability?


Free Fire Character Skyler

Skyler has an active ability called Riptide Rhythm.

According to the free fire game in-game description of the character, Skylar is a CEO and superstar. At its base level, this ability propagates a sound wave that can damage 5 glow walls within 50 meters.

At the beginning 4 Health Point (HP) is increasing in each ammunition gloo wall deployed. However, there is a cooldown of 60 seconds capacity.

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