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Kla VS Skyler VS Shirou: Who is the better Free Fire Character for Factory Challenge

Kla VS Skyler VS Shirou Character: Free Fire has several characters that players can use in a match. These characters have special abilities that help players overcome their enemies on the virtual battlefield.

Kla VS Skyler VS Shirou Who is the better Free Fire Character for Factory Challenge

Free Fire characters can be used in many game modes and custom room challenges. The Factory Challenge is a custom room challenge in which players come out on the factory roof and fight with fists or melee weapons.

This article will compare the capabilities of Kla, Shirou & Skyler Character of free fire to determine who is the best pick for the factory challenge.

Free Fire Character Kla VS Shirou VS Skyler Comparison


What is Kla Character Ability?


Free Fire Kla Character

Kla ability is Muay Thai.

It increases the damage by 100% by attacking with a fist. This ability also increases when the character’s level increases.

At the max level, this ability suffers up to 400% damage from the fist.

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What is Shirou Character Ability?


DJ Alok, Hayato and Shirou comparison

Shiro’s ability is called Damage Delivered.

It is a passive ability that tags enemies within a range of 80 meters for 6 seconds upon hitting the player. This marking is only visible to that particular player. The first shot at the marked opponent breaches 50% additional armor penetration.

However, this ability has a 35-second cooldown.


What is Skyler Character Ability?


Free Fire Character Skyler

Skyler has an active ability called Riptide Rhythm.

According to the free fire game in-game description of the character, Skylar is a CEO and superstar. At its base level, this ability propagates a sound wave that can damage 5 glow walls within 50 meters.

At the beginning 4 Health Point (HP) is increased in each ammunition gloo wall deployed. However, there is a cooldown of 60 seconds capacity.

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