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Maharashtra: Queen Elizabeth aircraft reached the sea of ​​Mumbai

Maharashtra: British Royal Navy’s aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth has reached the sea of ​​Mumbai for maneuvers with India. After its arrival, security has been tightened. At the same time, British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has given a big statement regarding this maneuver. Saying that this exercise will further strengthen the relationship between the two countries.

Maharashtra Queen Elizabeth aircraft reached the sea of ​​Mumbai

At the same time, he said that such efforts reflect the inclination in the Indo-Pacific region. The British Foreign Secretary, who arrived in Mumbai, said that the purpose of her visit is to build stronger security and defense ties with India, the world’s largest democracy, as an important part of Britain’s Indo-Pacific strategy. Truss said the close defense and security partnership between Britain and India strengthens deeper economic ties and makes both countries safer as well as the wider region.

Strong step extract to protect the Indo-Pacific region: British Foreign Secretary


The British Foreign Secretary said that we need to protect our sea and trade routes and operate from a position of strength. To protect our interests and challenge unfair practices, more drastic measures have to be taken. The arrival of the Carrier Strike Group in India represents a turning point in the UK’s Indo-Pacific region.

First tri-service exercise between India and UK


Let us tell you that many high-level visits and exercises are being done between the armies of both the countries at this time. The British CDS, Army, and Navy Chiefs are in India and the British Army is conducting exercises at different places. Exercise Konkan Shakti is the first tri-service exercise between India and the UK.

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