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Mamta’s reply on Election Commission notice, I don’t care

Mamta’s reply:  The Election Commission issued a notice on Friday, terming Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s statement on security forces as false, inflammatory, and unfortunate. At the same time, Mamta Banerjee hit back at the commission and said that she did not care about it.

Mamta's reply on Election Commission notice, I don't care


Mamta said I will keep speaking against them till the central forces stop working for the BJP. Let me tell you, the Election Commission has issued this second notice to Mamta. They have to answer this by 11 am on Saturday. Even before this, the Election Commission had given notice to the CM. On which Mamata retaliated and raised questions on the Election Commission itself.

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Unfortunate to accuse security forces


In a notice issued by the Commission, the TMC delegation on 21 February accused the BSF personnel deployed in the security of the Bangladesh border. To threaten the villagers to vote in support of a particular party.

For this, a written complaint was also given to the Commission. On the basis of which the Commission gave notice to Banerjee. In which the Commission reacted strongly to the claims on BSF. The commission says it is unfortunate to accuse BSF. BSF is one of the finest security forces in the country. In such a case, it is wrong to question his loyalty.

Apart from this, in this notice, the commission also mentioned the statement of Mamta. In which she accused the CRPF of influencing the voting process.

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In the notice, the Commission has clarified that all paramilitary forces, including the CRPF, have an important role to play in the elections. Therefore, the allegation of the Chief Minister of West Bengal is baseless and unfortunate. This may not only affect the confidence of voters during the election process but may also put a question mark on the role of central security forces after the elections.

Therefore Banerjee’s statement is a violation of sections 186,189 and 505 of the IPC apart from the Election Code of Conduct. She will have to reply within the stipulated time, if she fails to reply, the commission will take action against her.

Mamta overturns commission on first notice


West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee retaliate in response to a notice from the Commission on the statement preventing the Muslim vote bank from distributing. Referring to PM Modi’s remarks, Mamata said why the commission is not taking action against him. How many complaints were filed but no one has been heard. Mamta said that she should be given 10 notices of commission, she is firm on her statement. He called upon the voters to unite, not to divide them into communal lines, as other parties are doing.

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