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Mission Oxygen: Air Force took over again in the midst of the Corona

Mission Oxygen: Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in India and with new cases increasing rapidly, the death toll is also increasing. According to the Worldometer, all the records of Covid-19 (Covid-19) across the country broken in the last 24 hours. During the last 24 hours, 3 lakh 32 thousand 503 people infected with Coronavirus while 2256 died.

Mission Oxygen Air Force took over again in the midst of the Corona

The Indian Air Force has come forward to help the government and the people of the country to take the country out of this hour of crisis.

Airforce mission oxygen


In the midst of the ongoing oxygen crisis in many parts of the country, the Indian Air Force has now taken the front. Air Force aircraft is transporting oxygen containers to different parts, so as to speed up the supply mission, the situation can be handled. In this connection, the Air Force’s C-17 and IL-76 aircraft have started their oxygen service across the country. During this time, large oxygen tankers are airlift at stations across the country. So that the delivery of oxygen can expedite.

Supply restore across the country


In the operation, the country’s force is also airlifting oxygen containers, cylinders, essential medicines, equipment, and health workers. Significantly, the country is facing a severe shortage of medical-grade oxygen at this time. The situation in every small and big city in the country is terrible.

In this connection, two C17 aircraft of the Indian Air Force, two large oxygen containers. IL 76 transported an empty container to Panagarh in Bengal. All three filled with oxygen and brought to Delhi. Such operations conduct in different parts of the country to fulfill the supply of oxygen by the Air Force.

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