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Mumbai Coronavirus: 2.66 lakh corona patients increased in 70 days

Mumbai Coronavirus: In the last 70 days, 2.66 lakh people have been infected with a corona in Mumbai. But Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) Commissioner Iqbal Singh Chahal claims that Mumbai is better than Delhi. However, the increase in the number of active patients is a matter of concern. But it is a matter of relief that during this period, the death rate in Mumbai was 0.03 percent.

Mumbai Coronavirus 2.66 lakh corona patients increased in 70 days

The BMC commissioner said on Tuesday that it had been 70 days since the second wave of Corona arrived in Mumbai. In these 70 days, 2.66 lakh people became positive from Corona. At the same time, in the case of Delhi, 240 people have died due to corona in one day. In comparison, a maximum of 57 people died in Mumbai.

The situation in Mumbai is still under control despite Corona’s severe wave. In Mumbai, more than 47 thousand coronae are examining every day continuously for the last few days.

Chahal said that the number of people who died of corona on February 10 in Mumbai was 11400, which increased to 12347 on April 18. That is, 953 people died during this period. Thus the death rate during this period was just 0.03 percent (13.6 deaths per day).

Despite this, the number of symptomatic patients is 17083. While the number of severely infected patients is 1396. At the same time, the number of patients without symptoms is 87 percent. This figure has increased to 11.63 percent, with the rate of infection increasing by 1.08 percent.

Only 20 ventilators and 43 ICU beds are left in Mumbai


Currently, only 43 ICU beds are vacant for the treatment of corona patients in Mumbai. Like, the number of ventilators has been increasing from 1033 to 1410 of which only 20 beds are left. While 3685 normal Kovid beds are still empty. 500 tons of oxygen is supplying to Mumbai, due to which the shortage of oxygen will overcome soon.

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