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NASA Rover: Research on the sound of Mars while driving

NASA Rover research sound: The Persistence Rover of the US space agency NASA, engaged in the search for life on Mars, has started walking on the surface of the red planet. It has sent audio of driving on Mars for the first time. NASA has released 16-minute audio of it, in which the sound of the rover’s wheels moving can be heard. Research on this is going on.

NASA Rover Research on the sound of Mars while driving

However, this sound is disturbing the clarity due to the murmurings during the recording. But Rover’s two microphones also record the sound of wind and rock-zapping lasers. The second microphone was to record the sound of the landing. According to NASA, the second mic did not record any sound of the rover reaching Mars but was successful in recording the test drive. The scratching sound is heard in the driving audio. Now engineers are trying to find out about this voice. This crevice is believed to be the sound emitted during the rover’s movement within the crater.

Many reasons for hoarse voice


Vindy Varma, an Indian-origin engineer at NASA and associated with driving a rover, said that its metal wheels can cause some loud noise. He told that when we walk with such wheels on the rock, in fact, the noise is very high. NASA scientists believe that this sound can also be caused by electromagnetic interference.

Expect clean pictures


Weather stations in the rover, NASA is expected to get clear pictures of the red planet due to 19 cameras and two microphones. It is designed to collect samples of the rocks of Mars. It has brought some special equipment associated with the project. These include a very small helicopter. It is designed for controlled flight testing on another planet.

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