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OB27 Free Fire Update Features: New Character, Level-up Method, New Gun, & more

OB27 Free Fire: The announcement of the upcoming Free Fire OB27 update has caught the eye of many fans and gamers around the world. The upcoming patch is scheduled to go live on April 14, 2021, and is set to feature several features while enhancing the overall players’ experience.

OB27 Free Fire Update Features  New Character, Level-up Method, New Gun, & more

Garena has teased various features through social media posts and has also released “What’s UP Free Fire Season 2 Episode 2”, revealing some amazing changes.

This article looks at some of the key features released in the OB27 Free Fire update.

OB27 Free Fire Features

1. Character UI & Leveling System Changes

Characters UI will be completely overhauled in upcoming patches. This will be made more accessible to users, allowing them to see the characters and change them easily. In addition, players can switch between skill sets or abilities from the loadout section through the lobby.

A fundamental change to be implemented in the OB27 Free Fire update is a remake of the character level up system as it will be free, and players will only need a memory piece to do so.

2. Kord Latest Weapon

A new weapon called the “Kord” is also making its way into the Battle Royal title with the upcoming OB27 Free Fire update. The firearms were first available in Advance Server, which was done a few days ago.

The unique aspect of the gun is that users gain extra power & firing when used in prone or crouch situations. However, the exact figures have not yet been announce.

3. Awaken Capacity Merger and Ability Balancing

The ability of normal and awakened characters will be merged into one and occupy only one slot, which will further increase the characters’ effectiveness.

In addition, specific abilities will be alter to provide players with a balance experience. Two of the changes revealed include Wukong and Rafael. The previous character’s cooldown will be reset with each kill. Meanwhile, Rafael’s ability has improved significantly.

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4. Clash Squad Store Changes

The Clash Squad store is being further increase by the developers of Garena Free Fire. After the update, players will be able to choose from a variety of weapons that are available. Also, in this mode, users can drop and lift one gun and its attachment at a time.

5. Remastering of Bermuda

The highly anticipated Bermuda remastered will be permanently available to players after the upcoming update. Also, Kalahari will be optional to be downloaded.

6. Latest Character & Revival Mechanism

Garena has also created a new character with a silhouette & allusions. But no details leak about it so far. Also, a revival mechanism will be available to use on all maps.

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