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PM Modi took a second dose of Corona vaccine ,vaccination necessary

PM Modi took  Corona vaccine: Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a second dose of the Kovid-19 vaccine at AIIMS in Delhi on Thursday and appealed to all those eligible for vaccination at the earliest against the Coronavirus to get vaccinated. The first dose of the vaccine taken by the Prime Minister on 1 March.

PM Modi took a second dose of Corona vaccine ,vaccination necessary

Prime Minister Modi has vaccinated the indigenous conviction vaccine manufactured by Bharat Biotech. The two nurses who vaccinated PM Modi are P Niveda from Puducherry and Nisha Sharma from Punjab. Nevada was also among those vaccinated on March 1.

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Sister Nisha Sharma said, ‘I gave Prime Minister Narendra Modi a second dose of Corona vaccine today. They talked to us. It was a memorable moment for me because I got to meet him.

At the same time, Sister P. Niveda said, ‘Prime Minister Modi gives the first second dose of Corona. Today I have another opportunity to meet him and get vaccinated for the second time. I got excited again. They talked to us and we also took pictures with them. ‘

PM Modi took the first dose on March 1


Let me tell you that Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the first dose of the Corona vaccine on March 1. At AIIMS, Puducherry’s Sister P Niveda gave PM Modi the first dose of Bharat Biotech’s ‘Kovaxin’. After taking the first dose, PM Modi had tweeted and informed me that I have taken the first dose of Corona in AIIMS. It is indeed laudable that doctors and scientists have done better in less time to strengthen the global fight against Corona. There is an appeal to the people that those who are eligible for this must get vaccinated and make India corona-free.

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PM Modi will meet today


Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to meet the Chief Minister of all the states today regarding Corona. It is explained that PM Modi can also announce something after the meeting. Explain that the Maharashtra government has accused the Center of not sending adequate vaccines for vaccination. Maharashtra Health Minister Rajesh Tope said on Wednesday that his state had only three days of vaccine stock. Due to no vaccine, people are send back from vaccines. On Rajesh Tope’s statement, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan retort that there is no shortage of vaccines in any state. The vaccine delivers in all the states as per the requirement.

A vaccine is given to 9 crore people


Let us know that till Wednesday, 9 crore people have been vaccinated. A statement issued by the Ministry of Health, it has said that 9 crore people have been given the vaccine.

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