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PM Modi will inaugurate the first ‘Bharat Toy Fair’ today

PM Modi will inaugurate the first ‘Bharat Toy Fair’ today:

PM Modi will inaugurate the first 'Bharat Toy Fair' today

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the

first ‘Bharat Toy Fair’ (The India Toy Fair 2021) on Saturday.

The Ministry of Education, Ministry of Women and Child Development,

Ministry of Textiles is organizing it to make the country a global hub of

toy manufacturing under the Vocal for Local in Self-Reliant India campaign.

Moreover, till now, it has register 10 lakhs.

Students will prepare toys, designs, and techniques for playing and studying, etc. through this competition.

In this, the winners will be giving a reward of Rs 50 lakhs.

Under the new education policy, students from the sixth standard will get to work in it,

including skill development, an internship with small workers.

Under self-sufficient India, now Indian students will strengthen the Indian market in the

international toy market with their thinking, skills, and technology.

In this, policymakers, parents, startups, students, industry, etc.

will all have to work together on one platform.

In this, the state and central government will work together.

India has a $ 1.5 billion toy market and 80 percent of its toys come from abroad.

In such a situation, for the first time, efforts are being made to strengthen the economy of the country by taking school children and students of colleges together.

This will promote innovation.

 Themed contests

The competition will be based on nine themes. These include Indian culture, history,

know India since ancient times, learning education and schooling, social and human values,

work in various fields of employment, environment, disability, fitness, and sports, etc.

The competition will be a junior, senior, and startup levels.

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