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Railway Minister and union face to face on private investment in railways

The face of Railway Minister and Union: There is a discussion on private investment in railways from Parliament to the road. While the rail union is opposing the steps taken by the central government. The Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal has made it clear that the railways are the property of India and will never be privatized.

Railway Minister and union face to face on private investment in railways

In fact, the Railways wants to run about 150 trains through private investment. Which is also oppos by the press personnel from the pressurized tongue. Responding to the discussion on the demands of grants in the Lok Sabha, Piyush Goyal presented his views on privatization.

He said that the unfortunate situation is that many MPs accuse privatization and corporatization, but Indian Railways will never be privatized.
He further said that money would be needed to build a world-class railway. The investment from the private sector in the railways will not only provide convenience to the passengers but will also provide employment and strengthen the economy of the country.

On the other hand, the rail union has also opened its front for privatization. General Secretary of All India Railway Men’s Federation. Shiva Gopal Mishra is always holding a review meeting of privatization.

The Ministry of Railways is saying that the numbers of trains are not reducing. If investors will run the train using the railway track, then it is not privatization. What will happen to poor people if the private train runs? If the private train runs, then the travel fare will be increased. Affordable facilities will end. Safety will endanger. Any private investor will come to make a profit, thereby destroying the entire railway system.

If the private train succeeds, although such a possibility is less, then the entire system will suffer damage. There is no threat to the operations department of the railway, but jobs will be lost in all the other departments. Railways will suffer losses rather than earnings. If privatization is impose, the union will fight on a platform and fight a big battle. They will also go on strike to pressure the government.

The proposal will be pass to oppose privatization by preparing an action plan.


Dr. M. Raghuvaiah, Secretary-General of the National Federation of Indian Railway Man, said that next month there is a meeting of the Working Committee to protest against privatization. Employees of 17 zones and 7 production units will participate in it. The proposal will pass to oppose privatization by preparing an action plan. Privatization is a threat to the national interest. In 160 years, railway personnel prepares the entire railway system.

Private trains will not allow running on it. If the government has to run, then separately prepare the track, signaling, operation. Even in the Kovid era, the railway personnel works with Sankalp. Private investors will come to earn money. Will rob the general public. The railway system developed so that it can serve every subject in the country. Every person can travel. It is a fight for the rights of retired employees as well as the 13 lakh railway employees. Will also fight it on the road.

Railway’s argument in favor of privatization


  • Railways are the property of India and will never be privatized.
  • Private sector investment will be in the national interest.
  • Travelers will get world-class facilities and employment will increase.
  • The country’s economy will be strong.
  • Indian citizens will get the facility that the private sector will provide.
  • New technology will be found.
  • If the government and the private sector work together, the future of the country will be bright.
The logic of rail union


  • If private trains will run on the tracks of the railways, then what is this privatization?
  • All the employees of the department except the operations department will  unemploy.
  • The entire railway system will be destroyed.
  • Rail fares will go up and the poor will have to lose pockets to travel.
  • Private investors will come to make a profit, railway earnings will decrease.
  • If the private train runs, the Indian Railways trains will suffer.

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