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Redeem FF Code Today [3rd June] | 100% All Working Code Lists

Redeem FF Code: Free Fire is a 10-minute survival battle royale game. Players can play Free Fire with their squads. Garena Free Fire is more popular in the countries of Asia. Free Fire releases new in-game events every day. Most players love Free Fire because of its entertaining gameplay.

Redeem FF Code Today [3rd June]  100% All Working Code Lists

Free Fire Redeem Codes are the best way to get free pets, diamonds, characters, skins, and more in-game rewards. But, the old redeem codes are not working after the latest update of Free Fire.

This is the reason why most players face problems while trying to redeem codes for Free Fire. But don’t worry, I have collected all the active redeem codes for the month of June, and they are mentioned below. You can copy them and use them to get free amazing in-game rewards.

Redeem Code of Free Fire for today (3rd June 2021)

Below listed are the redeem code that you can use and get Free Fire in-game rewards for real free.

  • HJKD1234DFGH
  • HJKL3456XCVB
  • DFGH3453VBNM
  • FGHJ3456HFGD
  • FGDG7867FGTY
  • DFDF4536GYUI
  • FDSD3421HYUO
  • DFGH4536PLOI
  • GFFD4532JKUI
  • QWEE3214KJUL
  • SDFG1236HGTY
  • CVBH7654HNGY
  • DFGR4532GHBY
  • FGHY2341GHNY
  • FGHT3425GHRN
  • VBGF2345GHYL
  • DFGT6543HNMJ
  • DFFR3245HGFD
  • DFGT5432RTYH
  • DFGT4457HGRF
  • DFGT5678GFVB
  • DFTT5678HJKN
  • DGTR5678GHJK
  • FGTT6789BVNM
  • DFGT7689DFGC
  • DFGG6789CVBN

Redeem Free Fire Codes Indian Server

  • FF8M82QK7C2M: 1x Famas Moonwalk Loot Crate
  • ESX24ADSGM4K: Leap of Faith Surfboard, Water Fest, and Guitar Basher
  • ESX24ADSGM4K: Rewards: Leap of Faith Surfboard, Water Fest & Guitar Basher Validity: May 31 Eligibility: Players on Indian servers.
  • SARG886AV5GR: Redeem Code for Egg Day Banner & Phantom Bear Bundle
  • 8QW6TDX2D8A4: Cosmic Bounty Hunter Weapon Loot Crate and MAG-7 Hurricane Delivery Weapon Loot Crate
  • FF8M82QK7C2M: Famas Moonwalk Loot Crate
  • FFESPORTS3MU: Redeem Code for Shirou Bobblehead, Kelly Bobblehead, Spikey Spine Surfboard, Mr Shark Backpack

Free Fire Indonesia Server Redeem Code


Free Fire European ​Server Redeem Code

  • H28UZG5ATK2R
  • U8S47JGJH5MG
  • UBJJ2A7G23L6
  • 5KHJ8U3RNP42
  • 8QW6TDX2D8A4
  • FF8M82QK7C2M
  • FV385V6HXJ97
  • G3MKNDD24G9D
  • 6XMNG242VMKV

Free Fire Middle East ​Server Redeem Code

  • 245QMX2MXSZN

Redeem Codes of Free fire In-game rewards for June 2021

  • GFFG1098DFBH: DJ Alok character redeem code.
  • GHJY1278JKLO: 500 diamonds redeem code.
  • LKIO3458EWSD: Lucky koi AWM Gun skin crate redeem code.
  • LPOK9874FDRT: FFCS M4A1 Gun skin crate redeem code.
  • JKIO7653DFGR: Detective panda pet redeem code.
  • MNJK2347DFVG: Hunter UMP gun skin redeem code.
  • JKIU6548HBNY: Midnight mafia M79 redeem code.
  • JKUY8907GHUI: Hysteria SKS redeem code.
  • GHTY6789HJKI: Clap emote redeem code.
  • FHGY8965JKIO: Blue boombox loot box redeem code.
  • HGYD5678LKUY: Egg hunter loot box redeem code.
  • HJDN6543GHTY: The bunny family surfboard redeem code.
  • GHRY4567HGFT: Smiley parachute redeem code.
  • DHFG5467FGRY: Victory tune backpack redeem code.
  • GFBH5437FGDR: Auto rickshaw Skin redeem code.
  • HYIO5432FDGT: Golden pan skin redeem code.
  • KJUY3456DGRT: Cricket master bat skin redeem code.
  • RTYE5432FGHE: Fire katana skin redeem code.
  • FGHR3456HJYI: Fire fist redeem code.

How to obtain Free Fire Redeem Code

Players can follow these steps to redeem their rewards in free fire:

Step 1: Gamers have to go for free fire reward redemption site here.

 Free Redeem codes for Free Fire

Step 2: Next, players will have to log into their free fire accounts via available methods, ie, Facebook, VK, Google, Huawei ID, Apple ID, or Twitter.

Note: Players with guest accounts will not be able to redeem the prizes, and therefore must bind their account with any of the above accounts.

Step 3: You can enter the redeem code in the text field and press the confirm button. Successful redemption will show like this.

How to redeem free fire redeem code

Step 4: After the redemption process is successful, you will receive the rewards within 24 hours and can collect them from the in-game mail section. Also, any currency as a prize will be deposited directly into the player’s account.

If users encounter an error while claiming these prizes, it means that they have been outdate and no one can use it any further to claim the prizes, so be quick to redeem them.

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