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Russia stopped a US Navy warship from infiltrating its waters.

Russia’s Defense Ministry alleged on Friday that we stopped a US Navy warship from infiltrating its waters Friday. Russia said the US Navy attempted to infiltrate its waters in the Sea of ​​Japan with a warship. At the same time, the ministry said after the incident that the US Navy repeatedly warn to withdraw from Russian waters.



Russia stopped a US Navy warship from infiltrating its waters.

Ignoring which the Russian warship had to pursue the American warship. He said the American warship later changed course and turned back.

Russia’s allegation – America was trying to launch helicopter


The Russian ministry alleged that the US warship was not moving despite warnings as it was preparing to launch a helicopter from its deck. Russia said that the speed of the warship cannot change at any cost during such an activity. But when we chased them out of our warship, they failed in this task and returned. This is the second time in four months that Russia has said it has pursued a NATO-member warship from its waters. In June, Russia accused a British warship of infiltrating its territorial waters from Crimea into the Black Sea. However, Britain rejected Russia’s claim, saying that its ship was legally operating in Ukrainian waters.

The US rejects Russia’s claim


The US Navy rejected Russia’s claim that the guided warship Chafi was conducting routine operations in the Sea of ​​Japan. But Russia misunderstood that we were carrying out some illegal activity. Ties between Russia and the United States are at a post-Cold War low, although President Vladimir Putin said this week he established a solid relationship with his US counterpart Joe Biden and sees potential for improvement.

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