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Shaktikanta Das RBI Governor term was extended for three years post till 2024

The tenure of Reserve Bank of India Governor Shaktikanta Das has been extended for three years. His term was ending on December 10, 2021.

 Shaktikanta Das RBI Governor term was extended for three years post till 2024

However, the Cabinet Appointments Committee has approved Shaktikanta Das to continue as the Governor of RBI for a further period of three years. On December 10, he will appoint as the 26th governor.

Appointed 25th RBI Governor in 2018


Shaktikanta Das took over as the Governor of the Reserve Bank on 10 December 2018. He became the 25th Governor of RBI. He has also been a former Finance Secretary and a member of the Finance Commission. In 2018, she replaced Urjit Patel. Urjit Patel chosen  the 24th Governor of RBI in September 2016. But suddenly resigned from the post of RBI Governor commend personal reasons even before the completion of his term.

Shaktikanta Das has done many important responsibilities


Born on 26 February 1957, Shaktikanta Das is an MA pass out in History and an IAS officer of Tamil Nadu cadre. He has been Joint Secretary Budget in the Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Commissioner and Special Commissioner in the Revenue Department, Government of Tamil Nadu, Secretary in the Industries Department of Tamil Nadu, and various other positions.

Das defends the government during the shock of demonetization


Shaktikanta Das was the economic affairs secretary when demonetization was declared in November 2016. Das defended the government during the shock of demonetization. He first became Joint Secretary in the Finance Ministry in 2008 when P Chidambaram was the Finance Minister. Then Shaktikanta Das make  Secretary in the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers in December 2013. But after the BJP government formed at the Center in May 2014. He makes Revenue Secretary in the Ministry of Finance. Das also played an important role in the implementation of GST.

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