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SK Sabir VS Dyland Pros: Comparison on who has best stats in Free Fire

SK Sabir VS Dyland Pros: SK Sabir Boss is one of the most famous free fire content manufacturers in India.

He is known for his incredible skills and gameplay videos that he uploads to his personal YouTube channel, which has nearly of 3.69 million subscribers.

SK Sabir VS Dyland Pros Comparison on who has best stats in Free Fire

Dyland Pros, aka Sultan Proslo, is another prominent Free Fire content provider in YouTuber from Indonesia.

He creates fun and engaging content related to the Battle Royale Game, Free Fire and boasts a massive numbers of subscriber of 13.6 million.

This article takes a look at SK Sabir and Dyland Pros free fire IDs, stats, K/D ratios, and more and provide with the verdict.

SK Sabir VS Dyland Pros Comparison


SK Sabir Boss Free Fire ID and his stats


His Free Fire ID is 55479535.

His Lifetime Stats


SK Sabir Lifetime Stats

SK Sabir Boss has played 27933 squad team matches, winning 9050 and maintaining a win rate of 32.39%. He has recorded 98153 kills in a K/D ratio of 5.20.

In addition, this YouTuber has played 3030 games in duo mode and won 623 of them with a winning rate of 20.56%. With a K/D ratio of 3.43, with 8258 kills.

The player competed in 1617 singles,/solo matches and took 142 first place, which converted to a win ratio of 8.78%. In the process, he have knotted 3270 frags, managing a K/D ratio of 2.22.

His Ranked Stats


SK Sabir Ranked Stats

SK Sabir Boss has played 378 squad games in ranked mode, and has a won on 165 matches, maintaining a winning ratio of 43.65%. He has killed a total of 1130 enemies in a K/D ratio of 5.31.

Coming into doubles mode, this sole YouTuber has played 27 matches and won 12, with a win percentage of 44.44%. He also committed 98 kills to a K/D ratio of 6.53.

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Dyland Pros Free Fire ID & his stats

His Free Fire ID is 16207002.

His Lifetime Stats


Dyland Pros Lifetime Stats

Sultan Proslo has played in 848 squad battles and emerged on top on 293 occasions, coming in with a win percentage of 34.5%. He killed 2119 enemies for a K/D ratio of 3.82.

This popular content creator has played 104 doubles games and outperformed his enemies by 26, maintaining to a win rate of 25%. He has a K/D ratio of 4.03, with 314 kills.

In the end, the player has played 575 singles matches and is unbeaten in 59 of them, with a win ratio of 10.2%. He committed 1545 kills in his name at a K/D ratio of 2.99.

His Ranked Stats


Dyland Pros Ranked Stats

Sultan Proslow has played two squad games in the current rank season and won a single, with a winning ratio of 50.00%. He has achieved 4 frags with a K / D ratio of 4.00.

Note: The statistics of this article were recorded at the time of writing. They are subject to change as YouTubers continue to play more games in Garena Free Fire.



Who is best? SK Sabir or Dyland Pros.


The two YouTubers in Garna Free Fire have incredible stats, but they are a bit difficult to compare because they play in different areas.

In lifetime figures, Sultan Proslo leads on both fronts, the K/D ratio and the win rate in single and doubles modes. Coming into squad mode, SK Sabir boss has a higher K/D ratio, while the first one has a better win rate.

In the current rank season, it is impossible to compare their statistics in all the ways as Sultan Prosslo is yet to participate in the singles and doubles games and has appeared in only two squad battles.

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