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The dosage of Kovishield should not be reduced

Dosage of kovishield: The Government of India is not considering any decision to reduce the gap of 84 days between the two doses of the anti-Covid vaccine Kovishield. Senior experts said the government will not reduce the gap between the two doses of Covishield.

  The dosage of Kovishield should not be reduced

In some media reports, inform that the time between the first and second doses of Kovishield can be reduced in India soon. So that people will be able to take both doses of Kovishhild in less time. However, the government has made it clear. that nothing of the sort has been considered.

In fact, recently, the Kerala High Court had issued an order to take the second dose only four weeks after the first dose of the Kovishield vaccine. Yet the Center filed an appeal against the decision of the Kerala High Court.

The big challenge will stand in front of the center


The Center informs in its appeal that if the order given by the single bench of the Kerala High Court on September 3 is not withdrawn. Then there may be a problem in the implementation of the central government’s strategy to combat Kovid-19. It is necessary to wait for 12 weeks i.e. 84 days for the second dose of Covishield. The government mention scientific facts behind the extension of the time period. Which states that the effect of the vaccine is shown more with a longer interval between two doses.

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