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Top 3 Challenging Landing Place in Kalahari Map of Free Fire after OB26 update

Higly Challenging Landing Place in Kalahari Map: Garena Free Fire has risen prominently on the mobile platform and has built an active player base. The game takes 50 users to dive on an island and fight against each other to get the final one/squad to get booyah!

Top 3 Challenging Landing Place in Kalahari Map of Free Fire after OB26 update

Currently, the game has three different Battle Royal maps – Kalahari, Bermuda and Purgatory.

Like most other games of its genre, Free Fire is quite competitive due to the current rank-based system. Many users aspire to reach higher levels and become the best among their peers. Landing places are essential factors in determining the performance of users in a Battle Royal match.

Many players desire to play aggressively and look for the most challenging places to get involved in many fights. This article lists the three most challenging landing places in Kalahari map.

Disclaimer: This article is based on the author’s preference. The choice of a drop spot in free fire is a personal decision, and prioritizing one over the other depends on the individual’s playing style.

Top 3 Challenging Landing Place in Kalahari Map of Free Fire after OB26 update


1. Refinery


which is the Challenging Landing Place in Kalahari Map

The refinery is arguably the most popular landing place on the Kalahari map. It is located around the center and is one of the hot-drops. This place combines weapons, armor and other equipment to produce a high concentration of loot.

Players will be able to detect a large number of opponents here and therefore have to be prepare for fierce competition.

2. Command Post


Which are deadly places in kalahari map

The command post is another spot where users are expected to face off against multiple enemies. It provides users with an extensive amount of high-quality loot, including weapons and more.

Users have to be on a constant search for enemies and be ready to take the fight.

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3. Bayfront


Kalahari Map Challenging places

Bayfront ranks last on the list of challenging landing spots in the Free Fire’s Kalahari map. It is spread over a vast area and has many buildings.

Like other locations on this list, the bayfront has enough loot for the entire squad.

In addition, some other places, such as the Foundation, where users can also locate multiple users to leave.

Note: Landing spots vary on the trajectory of the aircraft. Many players want to take the risk by choosing hot-drops, while others may prefer to play it safe.

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