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Top 3 Pets for Free Fire Clash Squad Mode in March 2021

Free Fire Pets: Clash squad mode is the most intriguing and intimidating mode in Free Fire. The mode offers intense fights and short and quick matches that encourage players to engage.

Top 3 Pets for Free Fire Clash Squad Mode in March 2021

This short and fast-paced game mode requires some assistance during battle. Along with the characters, in free fire pets are also of significant help. There are currently a total of 13 pets, and almost all of them have truly useful abilities.

Note: This article is not in particular order or in any ranking.

Top 3 Pets for Free Fire Clash Squad Mode in March 2021




Free Fire Detective Panda

Detective Panda’s ability is named as Panda’s Blessing.

At its initial level, this ability immediately compensates 4 Health Point (HP) after the user kills an enemy. When Panda is maxed, his potential Panda’s blessing will restore 10 HP each time the user kills an enemy.

This ability is really beneficial for Clash Squad mode as players can gain additional HP during a fight by killing enemies without wasting time to apply medi kit.

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Free Fire Poring

Poring has a beneficial ability called stitch & patch.

This ability increases helmet & armor durability every 3 seconds. It also helps prevent a level armor & helmet from being destroyed.

As the poring develops, its ability increases a helmet & armor durability every second. It also helps prevent a level 3 armor & helmet from being destroyed.

This is one of the best abilities that players can use for the Clash Squad mode, which is an important factor during short fights.



Free Fire Rockie

Rocky has an ability called Stay Chill.

This allows the cooldown time of any character ability equipped with active skills to reduce by 6%.

When the Rockie pet level is maxed, the cooldown time decreases by 15%. This skill is very useful for players who use characters like DJ Alok, Chrono in Clash Squad Mode.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the personal views of the author. The choice of pets is a personal decision, and prioritizing one completely depends on a person’s gameplay style.

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