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Top 3 pets to use with DJ Alok in Garena Free Fire Rank Match

Free Fire Top Pets for Rank Match: Garena Free Fire is a game that is most popular because of its variety of characters and pets.

Top 3 pets to use with DJ Alok in Garena Free Fire Rank Match

The most desirable and popular character in Free Fire is DJ Alok, and players often like to equip him in rank matches. This match type in Free Fire is the best game mode that assigns rank tiers according to gamer credibility.

However, not only the character but also the pets, play an important role in determining the gameplay of the player.

This article lists some of the best pets to use with DJ Alok, which increases their ability in Free Fire rank matches.

Top 3 pets to use with DJ Alok in Garena Free Fire Rank Match




Free Fire Rockie Pet

Rockis is an amazing pet for players who have characters with active abilities. In this case, it is an ideal choice for DJ Alok. Its ability is called Stay Chill, which can reduce the cooldown time of DJ Alok’s well-equipped active skills by 6% at its initial level.

Once this pet maximizes to Level 7, it can reduce the Colddown Time of Active Ability by 15%. Therefore, this enables DJ Alok to use his abilities more often with a much shorter Colddown time.



Free Fire MR Waggor Pet

Mr. Waggor ability is called Smooth Glow which is beneficial for rank matches. This pet can create a glow wall grenade at its primary level every 2 minutes if players do not have a glow wall grenade.

At the max limit of this pet skill level 3, Mr. Waggor can conjure up a gloo wall grenade if gamers have less than two gloo wall grenades.



Free Fire Detective Panda Pet

Detective Panda has a fantastic and powerful ability called Panda’s Blessing.

This compensates for 4 Health Point (HP) after a player kills an opponent. When Detective Panda maxes out to its highest potential (Pet Level 3), users will gain 10 Health Point (HP) each time when they kill enemy.

This ability is great because DJ Alok’s Health Point (HP) recovery will be boosted by Panda’s quick Health Point (HP) restore power on each kill.

Disclaimer: Choosing a pet to use with a character ultimately depends on the player’s playing style and preference. This list only reflects the author’s opinion about the generalized way of choosing the best pets.

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