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Top 5 SMG Gun skins in Free Fire of all time

SMG Gun skins in Free Fire: Garena hosts a multitude of free fire weapons, and all have different fire ranges, damage stats, and fire rates. One of the most popular weapon class options in free fire is SMG.

Top 5 SMG Gun skins in Free Fire of all time

SMGs are the short-range beasts and are lethal in close combat. Weapons like the MP40 and Vector can knock down enemies within seconds. Some SMG skins also increase the statistics of these guns and make them even more ferocious.

This article looks at some of the most sought-after and popular SMG Gun skins in Free Fire.

Note: This list is not in any particular order or ranking and reflects the author’s personal views.

Five most popular and best SMG Gun skins in Free Fire


1. MP40 Flashing Spade


Which is the best SMG Gun skins in Free Fire

It is the most popular and highly sought-after skins for the MP40 of all time. This gives a lot of boosts especially in the figures for Kill feed of MP40.

The MP40 doubles skin damage and also increases the rate of fire. However, it reduces the limit. With this significant boost, it becomes a weapon of destruction in the hands of aggressive players.

2. Crazy Bunny MP40


Top SMG Gun skins of Free Fire

It is one of the most popular skins in Free Fire, mainly due to its rarity. The skin first appeared a year ago in Weapon Royale, where players could take advantage of it via spins.

Skin also contributed to a significant increase of the MP40 gun. This doubles the weapon’s damage limit and also increases the ability to deal damage. However, the skin reduces the shotgun’s magazine capacity.

3. Pumpkin Flame UMP


Free Fire best SMG Gun

It is one of the rarest and best skins in Free Fire and was available with the Pumpkin Flame Bundle. The skin greatly enhances the capabilities of UMPs.

This increases damage and doubles reload speed. However, it has a back draw, which is that it reduces the magazine capacity of the UMP.

4. Champion Boxer MP5


Which is the top SMG Gun of free fire

It was a weapon royale skin, and most players have. But it is the characteristic of the skin that makes it so popular among sportsmen.

The skin provides MP5 with double damage and increased accuracy. This reduces reload speed but is significantly more profitable with enhanced accuracy and great damage on the ground.

5. Pink Paradise Playboy MP5


SMG Gun skins in Free Fire

It is the most sought-after skins in Free Fire, and many players have. It is the skin statistics that make it one of the better.

This doubles the rate of fire and increases accuracy. However, the reload speed decreases, which is not a big deal in terms of on-ground (except during close combat).

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