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Top 5 Tips to get 100% Accurate Headshots in Free Fire OB26 Version

Top Tips for Accurate Headshots in Free Fire: The OB26 version of Garena Free Fire was recently made available, bringing many new & awesome features and changes to the game.

Top 5 Tips to get 100% Accurate Headshots in Free Fire OB26 Version

The Battle Royal Games remains as competitive as ever with users winning the battle to climb the rank system on the game.

One of the best things to do to defeat your opponents on the virtual battleground is to give the enemy accurate single-tap headshots.

This article provides some great tips & top tricks for players to get 100% accurate Headshot in Garena Free Fire.

How to get accurate Enemy Headshot in Free Fire


1. Doing best Setting on Sensitivity


One of the most important factors when trying to get accurate Enemy headshots in Free Fire is sensitivity settings.

Players can increase the red dot vision sensitivity to 95 and the general sensitivity to 100 for the most optimized settings to obtain one-tap headshots.

2. Making Best Setting on Layout


Free Fire Layout Setting

Players are not advised to adjust their initial layout settings in Free Fire as this can mess up the gameplay and distract them. Instead, they are suggested to use three or four-finger claw settings to play the game.

The joystick and fire buttons should be in a convenient place where they can be pulled and tapped for one-tap.

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3. Placement of Crosshair


Crosshair Placement in Free Fire

A user’s crosshair placement is another factor to consider when trying to get accurate enemy headshots in Garena Free Fire.

When free-roaming or fighting an opponent, a player should always point the crosshairs slightly upward toward the horizon. This must be done so that when a bullet is fired, the crosshair immediately points at the enemy’s head.

4. Doing Drag Headshot


Free Fire Drag Shot

To perform a single-tap headshot, gamers must drag the joystick button down and the fire button upward at the same time. It will target the enemy’s head and quickly knock them down with a single shot.

A user can also crouch and fire as it increases agility and increases accuracy.

5. Playing Training Mode


Users should make good use of the training mode in Garena Free Fire. They must have to be trained and grinded until they become accustomed to all the techniques and strategies to get a single-tap headshot on enemy.

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