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Two sisters of Uttarakhand in NASA’s spacecraft sent to Mars

Two sisters of Uttarakhand in NASA’s spacecraft sent to Mars:

The spacecraft sent by the US space agency NASA to explore the possibility of life on Mars also includes the names of two sisters Shivani Mishra and Himani Mishra of Haldwani city of Uttarakhand.

On Friday, NASA’s spacecraft reached Mars safely.

NASA had asked people names till 30 September 2019

NASA had asked for names from people interested in space till 30 September 2019, people who sent their names were given online boarding passes.

All names are engraved with the help of an electron beam on a silicon wafer microchip.

NASA’s Mars mission was launched in July 2020.

Bruce Bannard of California-based NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory said that Mars thrills people of all ages interested in space.

This will give them a chance to be part of the spacecraft that will study Mars.

NASA’s Mars mission aims to find answers to many questions:

Shivani Mishra is doing research in physics from MBPG College.

Himani Mishra is doing her MSc in Physics from Women’s Degree College.

Both are real sisters and their father Dr. Santosh Mishra is a professor of Hindi at MBPG College.

The purpose of NASA’s Mars mission is to find answers to many questions.

How many chances of life on Mars? Or was there ever life on Mars? NASA’s rover will also excavate Mars and collect soil samples there.

The rover will leave this sample right there and the future aircraft will bring this sample to Earth.

Shivani, Himani is confident that India’s space agency ISRO will be able to send manned spacecraft to Mars.

The world knows us as knowledge gurus but now we Indians need to become science gurus.

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