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US military worried about Chinese hypersonic missile test intelligence systems

Us military: Top US General Mark Milley has described China’s recent hypersonic missile test as Sputnik. The Cold War began with the US after the Soviet Union launched the Sputnik satellite in 1957. Now after Milley’s statement, it seems that the Cold War-like arms race may once again start in the world.

 US military worried about Chinese hypersonic missile test intelligence systems

Mark Milley, the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the US military, said in an interview with Bloomberg that the Chinese military was “expanding rapidly”. We saw that China tested a hypersonic weapon, which is a matter of great concern. It is like the Sputnik moment that has caught our attention. This is the first time the US side has spoken publicly about China’s hypersonic missile test.

However, Pentagon and John Kirby declined to comment on General Milley’s remarks. “It is not a technique that we are not aware of,” he said. Kirby said the US is working on its own security system and hypersonic technology.

Concern grew even after the test failed


According to the report of the British newspaper Financial Times, China tested a hypersonic missile in space, which orbited the Earth and later fell a few kilometers away from the target. Experts believe that this test may have failed, but China has reached hypersonic missile technology and it has also dodged US intelligence in this test. This has raised concerns.

Missile tracking is very difficult


The speed of a hypersonic missile is much higher than that of a ballistic missile carrying a normal nuclear warhead. It flies at least 5 times faster than the speed of sound (1235 km/h), or about 6200 km/h. This missile possesses the quality of both cruise and ballistic missiles. That is why American General Mark Milley has considered it an important and worrying event because its tracking is very difficult.

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