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US to counter China in artificial intelligence Technology

Information US to counter China in artificial intelligence:

At one time, in the case of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, America’s leadership consider beyond the reach of any other country, but now China has remained different of few years from that. That is, if America does not move fast in this matter, then China can leave it behind.

 US to counter China in artificial intelligence  Technology

This warning has given in a report submitted to the US Congress (Parliament) and the White House. The committee that prepares this report head by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

After submitting the report, he said that if the US failed to invest steadily in key technologies and fully incorporate AI into them, it would have dangerous consequences for it.

The committee has asked the US government to come forward and take the necessary steps in this matter.

This 750-page report of the committee has been prepared by the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence. The 15-member committee took two years to complete the work. Committee members also included Eric Horwitz of Microsoft, Andy Jessie of Amazon, and Safra Katz of Oracle Company.

The committee has come to the conclusion that China is the biggest threat to the US on both economic and military fronts. “If the current trends do not change, then China has the strength, talent, and ambition to overtake the US in the field of AI in the next decade,” the report said. It is not a challenge to persist. Rather, it is the same challenge in the case of quantum computing, robotics, 3D printing, and 5G.

The decision in the Artificial intelligence system​​


Schmidt told the website Axios.com, “We don’t have to fight with China. We do not even need to wage a cold war. What is needed is to stay competitive.” The committee has said that there is a need to make weapons that are AI-powered. However, it should be conditioned that those weapons attack only after the instruction of the human being.
Computer vision is an area in which AI can be of immediate help to the military. According to Schmidt, it is not a good idea to only analyze photographs taken from drones and satellites. Computers can do this work better than humans. But he said that the hope of getting help from the AI system in the decision-making process is not right now. It will take many more years for this to happen.

The report recommends that the US maintain a difference of two generations from China in the production of semiconductors. Recent experience has shown that this difference has been decreasing. According to experts, Intel is the only company in the US to focus on manufacturing technology.

But it is also facing stiff competition from Samsung of South Korea and TSMC of Taiwan. Therefore, the report suggested that the US should increase the budget every year for research in this field and bring it to $ 32 billion annually.

China has advanced in many areas of technology. These include facial recognition and payment technology. Schmidt acknowledged that China had led by five in the areas of e-commerce and electronic payments.
He said that the competition coming from China can prove to be a good thing if the US government raises funds for inventions and development in these areas. Otherwise, China will take its lead in other areas as well.

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