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Vaccination : 10% of the population gets vaccinated in most districts

Vaccination: The alarming pace of the second wave of uncontrolled coronavirus continues in the country. Since last week, more than three and a half million new corona patients are being received every day and 3,500 lives are being lost. In such a situation, everyone has the only support of vaccination in the form of vaccines.

Vaccination  10% of the population gets vaccinated in most districts

At the same time, the world’s largest Kovid vaccination campaign is being run in the country, but so far only 10% of the people have been vaccinated in most districts across the country. In such a situation, the question arises as to how Corona will run.

It has 109 days in India when the vaccine is given to protect people against the corona epidemic. We can defeat this epidemic, which has been unconquerable till now. Therefore, everyone should take the vaccine at the appointed time. However, the large population of the country remains a challenge in front of its resources in this campaign. Considering the speed of Kovid vaccination, it seems that the rest of the population of the country will have to wait longer for the vaccine.

Only 37 percent of the population got the vaccine in 37 districts


According to a media report, out of 726 districts in the country, only 37 districts i.e. only 5% have given the first dose of corona vaccine to 20 percent or more of the population so far. According to the Kovin App data, Puducherry and Gujarat’s Jamnagar in two districts have the highest vaccine so far in the country. The first dose of vaccine   given to about one-third of the population in these two districts.

The lowest vaccination in these districts


The vaccination campaign is very sluggish in most districts of the country. In the 58 percent districts of the country, only 10 percent of people given the Kovid vaccine. On the other hand, the Kovid vaccine  given to 10 to 20 percent of people in 37 percent of the districts. Bijapur in Karnataka and South Salmara in Assam are among the least vaccinated districts.

According to Kovin App data, many districts in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Northeast states have vaccinated less than 10 percent of their population, while Rajasthan, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, and Most districts in Kerala have more than 10 percent of the population.

Less than two percent of the country’s population got a vaccine


Vaccination did in the country for over a hundred days. So far, both doses of the vaccine administered to less than two percent of the population. Less than one out of every ten can give the first dose of the vaccine. Today those countries are ahead in vaccination, where this campaign started earlier. Israel has vaccinated more than half its population. After this, the United States and Britain are in the second and third position respectively. At the same time, India, the second most infected country from Corona, is at number five in terms of vaccination.

The pace of vaccination is getting sluggish


The third phase of vaccination has started on May 1. In this, people from 18 years to 44 years will be vaccinated. That is, now all the adults in the country are getting vaccines. By the beginning of this phase, our pace has slowed down. Between April 10 and 20, a total of 2.85 crore vaccines planting in the country, compares to 3.85 crore vaccines in the previous ten days.

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