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Virus In India: PM Modi gives signal, decisions the third wave of Corona

Virus In India: Seeing the condition of the country battling the coronavirus, PM Modi is also worry and is constantly monitoring the situation. On Thursday also Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to the Chief Ministers of some states and reviewed the situation arising out of Corona.

Virus In India PM Modi gives signal, decisions the third wave of Corona

In this meeting, PM Modi indicates that after the second wave. Some tough decisions can take before the third wave of Corona. Lockdown once again in the entire country.PM Modi has told his ministers not to careless about the corona and to give the right feedback so that things can correct immediately.

Decisions third wave of Corona


Along with this, it is said that after the second wave of Kovid is weakening, PM Modi also takes some tough decisions. Seeing the anticipation of the third wave, the PMO has told us to hold a review meeting every week from now on for further preparation. Please tell me that on Wednesday, the scientific advisor in the PMO  said that the third wave is definitely coming. Along with this, on Thursday, the Supreme Court has also asked the government to take timely steps to control the third wave.

The PM informs the states that in the present situation. The focus is to be kept completely on the treatment of lakhs of patients. This is also necessary to ensure that the speed of vaccination does not reduce in any case. He informs that treatment and vaccination of patients will be easier on both these fronts. He said that despite the lockdown in all the states, there should be no lethargy in the vaccination. The health workers involved in the vaccination should not engage in other works.

The Prime Minister said that an advisory sent to the states to identify the districts. Where the number of infection cases is 10 percent or more and oxygen-rich or ICU beds are more than 60 percent full. PM Modi said the availability of medicines. While reviewing, the current situation of production of Remedisvir also review. Said that there is a need to sensitize the states so that the pace of vaccination is not slow down.

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